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Image and Video Analytics

Capture the essence of your visual media with our cutting-edge analytics

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Take Visual Media Beyond the Screen

Leverage our expert knowledge pool in both Data Science and domain knowledge to implement image and video analytics. Our experience with industry-leading computer vision and image processing applications can help you drive better safety and security systems and fuel greater customer experience.

Automated Video Labeling

Prepare your video data for computer vision applications with automated tagging for accelerated and accurate analysis. We do this by:  
  • Segregating and prioritizing the attributes that are important for each use case, such as color, movement, vehicle parts, etc.
  • Automating the annotation of your video or image sequence with ground truth data
  • Preparing it as a dataset for deep learning and machine learning models

Surveillance Assistance

Identify objects and people from a live feed to augment your remote monitoring and security systems with cutting-edge GPU technology, high-end server support, and cloud computing capabilities. Here's how we do it:  
  • Image similarity matches using deep learning algorithms like EfficientDet, Resnet 50D, Mask CNN, etc.
  • Object tracking with a specialized tool that can identify object location across all frames to generate annotations
  • Semi-automated processes with reusable models that can be used to tap into new classes without an increase in manual efforts

Image Processing and Computer Vision

Reduce the turnaround time of your systems from weeks to mere hours with the AI prowess of Computer Vision in unlocking content and context through:  
  • Image processing techniques to augment, clean, and scale the image data to a new form
  • Auto-correcting the image processing results to drive higher accuracies
  • Implementing Tensorflow-based algorithms and Keras and PyTorch APIs for image recognition

Framing Your Visual Data Within Our Best Practices

Our state-of-the-art deep learning models are trained to provide superior accuracy than traditional algorithms, thanks to our many years of experience in applying our expertise to a variety of use cases



Apexon in Action

See how Apexon helps enterprises unlock greater efficiency from their application landscape


Automotive OEM Gets Accurate Video Labelling for Autonomous Vehicles

Find out how Apexon helped Germany's most well-known automotive OEM drive more value in the smart mobility sector with video labelling


German Automaker Labels 12M Objects per Annum from Street Videos

Discover how we helped a German engineering firm automate video labeling for their autonomous vehicle project to identify street objects and their location with over 82% accuracy.


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