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Discover Your Path to the Cloud

Migrate your apps to the cloud to enable greater innovation, agility, efficiency, data security, and compliance.

Leverage Apexon’s technology stack to review your applications, identify and apply the right cloud migration approach to minimize infrastructure costs by up to 50%, and deliver value at speed.


Combining the strength of assessment tools with our expertise, we pinpoint boosters and roadblocks to cloud transformation through:  
  • Tool-based assessment with factual data aids to apply the right migration strategy with reduced dependency on SMEs
  • Understanding business objectives and identifying applications in scope through a tailored survey
  • Interviewing stakeholders, analyzing static code for various applications, and employing heuristics
  • Recommending an Application Cloud Strategy & Roadmap that can reduce the migration time by up to 40%


We help you adopt the right approach for your business requirements and rebuild your app infrastructure by:  
  • Transforming legacy applications in an industrialized way and rehosting/re-platforming them on cloud
  • Discarding the existing code and re-architecting/refactoring the application using Apexon's curated architecture with built-in features of authentication, logging, and monitoring for microservices
Helping you make sound build or buy decisions and quickly replace applications so that you can minimize infrastructure cost up to 50%


Cloud-ready applications also need to be managed efficiently to derive the complete benefits for business agility. We do this by:  
  • Running and maintaining the applications with Apexon accelerators on DevOps, monitoring, and automation to minimize operational downtimes and quality losses
  • Focusing on reducing technical debt through a curated technology stack with open-source frameworks 
  • Transforming the apps into cloud-native architecture to enable omnichannel experiences for all stakeholders

A Multi-step Approach to Cloud Migration

Our approach to modernizing the existing applications begins with a robust tool-based assessment and ends with a complete modernization of the architecture to make it cloud-native.



Apexon in Action

See how Apexon helps enterprises get more from every element on the cloud


Marketing Logistics Company Reduces TAT by 60%

Discover how we helped a marketing logistics enterprise rearchitect their legacy apps on a cloud platform to enhance performance and bring turnaround time down from 30 days to 12


Marketing Supply Chain Firm Migrates Processes to Drive Unprecedented Value

Discover how we helped a world-leading marketing supply chain firm migrate their infrastructure and integrated applications to a new platform and drive value in optimizations far higher than the original mandate


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