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Customer 360

Deliver connected and personalized customer experiences leveraging deep behavior insights using customized analytics solutions

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Aggregate information, understand behavior and deliver great experiences

Help your business grow and deliver a dynamic customer experience across multiple platforms. Customer 360 brings intelligent, actionable, and trusted data from across multiple data points to one platform. The deep customer insights help create and adjust your business plan, marketing strategies, and customer engagement with greater precision and control.

Salesforce Cloud Implementation

Designed to streamline your sales and marketing services, Salesforce Cloud Implementation creates better business relationships by redefining your business processes at customer touchpoints. Cloud implementation connects the different departments of your organization, ensuring that all customer-facing teams get empowered with the right information, leading to an exceptional customer experience. Take a look at some of the benefits of Salesforce Cloud Implementation:  
  • Clean, reliable, thoroughly analyzed data and reporting. Collated, tabulated, and properly organized data eliminate every possible error, making it easier to interpret.
  • The dashboard is a benefit that can be used for all your business management activities
  • Improve customer serviceability using automated, personalized, and targeted outreach activities
  • Save time by using the automation tool. Automation of messages, emails, and so on, allows you to prioritize other business aspects of your organization
  • Get easy access to data whenever and wherever you need

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce integration provides users with a single unified experience by merging data from other applications with Salesforce to provide your team with an ideal combination of features to improve efficiency. It provides you with a centralized platform to work on, without having to switch data between two or more platforms. There are two processes associated with Salesforce integration services:  
  • App-based Salesforce integration In order to provide effective customer service and reduce the duplication of data, third-party apps are integrated with Salesforce to streamline CRM with business applications. A robust and smooth integration is carried out using dedicated applications. These apps allow users to integrate data and develop a centralized platform to facilitate seamless transfer of data between the applications in just a few clicks.
  • Code-based Salesforce integration with programming languages such as Apex. It has a syntax similar to Java, is suited for various API versions, is quite simple to use, and is easy to understand.

AppExchange App Development

An online marketplace curated specifically for Salesforce apps, components, and consulting services, AppExchange hosts more than 3,500 apps. From ideation and development to implementation, Salesforce AppExchange ensures the rendering of out-of-the-box solutions. To keep up with the evolving marketplace, AppExchange continuously launches new products, services, and resources, in order to help your business grow.

Salesforce Lightning Development and Migration

A remastered version of the Salesforce Classic with an entirely different and innovative user interface, Salesforce Lightning aims to create smart enterprise applications using a combination of Lightning Designing System (LDS), Lightning App Builder, and Lightning Components. This platform helps you attain Salesforce Lightning Migration effortlessly. The Lightning platform provides for an enhanced user experience and better device support.

Build a unified 360 view of the customer by consolidating data to have the most up to date information about your customers at every moment

Apexon’s process of building the customer 360° view occurs in three major phases



Apexon in Action

See how Apexon helps businesses aggregate data to understand customers and their behaviors to deliver a more connected and personalized experience.

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Leading healthcare payer increases productivity and reduces maintenance cost

Explore how we helped a leading healthcare payer in Michigan increase their productivity by three times and reduce their maintenance costs by 70% by deploying a Salesforce-powered digital platform and enabling test automation using AccelQ.

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Improving the productivity of a leading healthcare information analytics company

Discover how we enhanced the productivity and efficiency of a leading healthcare information analytics company by leveraging Salesforce CRM capability to build and implement a candidate workforce system, visualize a future roadmap including SF API integration, and create a central platform for their business.

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Integrating channel management for a leading CRO

Discover how we helped one of the world's leading CROs match inbound and outbound call information with Salesforce, automatically save call logs, develop the ability to control calls, and integrate multiple systems to create an integrated channel management system for medical representatives.

Transforming customer insights into experiences

Apexon helps you gain 360° insights into your customer’s preferences and behavior through aggregation and analysis of relevant data, allowing you to deliver enhanced customer experiences every time.


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