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Digital Commerce

Creating end-to-end digital commerce platforms that help you improve customer satisfaction with in-depth insights, improve your ROI, and enable personalized omnichannel engagement with your customers.

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Digitizing commerce, delivering great experiences

Apexon helps you keep pace with your customers’ changing needs and anticipate future requirements with business-specific digitization strategies. We help you engage with your customers, deliver personalized services, and gain valuable insights, helping you drive your growth and improve your customer’s experience of interacting with your business.

Commerce Platform Selection

A commerce platform is the backbone of an online retail enterprise. The right platform can streamline your business interactions with your clients, customers, and employees. They help you drive the outcomes and objectives you have set for your business. Apexon helps you:  
  • Navigate through the process of picking the right commerce platform based on your specific needs
  • Apply social media integration strategies that allow your business to operate across multiple social media platforms, helping you discover potential new markets
  • Decide easy payment options for your business
  • Create easy-to-use customer interfaces for an improved customer journey

Commerce Implementation

Whether you’re setting up an online store for the first time or updating your current platform, platform implementation is one of the most complex aspects of launching an eCommerce site. Our services help you:  
  • Lower costs and raise sales margins
  • Leverage cost-saving efficiencies
  • Create an automated cycle of repeat business
  • Connect with new customers
  • Collect customer data, demographics, and generate marketing leads
  • Give customers control over how and when they’d like to shop

Mobile Commerce:

Boost your overall revenue of the online selling business with our mobile commerce solutions. You can now deliver web and mobile applications in an integrated environment and increase your digital presence. We help you:  
  • Select the ideal mobile app platform for the development process
  • Design mobile applications that engage your customers
  • Publish, maintain, and update the app to keep pace with your customers’ needs

Headless Commerce

We help you deploy a headless commerce architecture that you can use to easily launch new products lines, brands, and develop new touchpoints using one single solution. Apexon’s headless commerce solutions help you:  
  • Foster flexibility to allow the front- and the back-end to work independently while creating new user experiences
  • Experiment with new ideas and keep up with customer expectations without disrupting the back-end IT team
  • Leverage customer data to improve and enable personalized customer experiences
  • Enable users to create a unified commerce experience

Omnichannel Integration

Our omnichannel integration will allow you to deliver a seamless customer experience across selling and fulfillment channels by managing orders, customers, and inventory in one place. Our solutions help you:  
  • Integrate sales, fulfillment, return and inventory management processes from the back-end
  • Meet diverse delivery expectations
  • Get a centralized view of all products across multiple channels
  • Manage your inventory flawlessly with up-to-date inventory information

Commerce Analytics

Apexon Commerce Analytics unlocks the true value of eCommerce data to improve customer acquisition, conversion, and retention. Our solutions help your business:  
  • Bridge the gap between analytics, insights, and business logic to enable efficient operations
  • Implement insights across processes to pave the way for innovation, growth, and market excellence
  • Undertake competitor analysis to improve your understanding of market dynamics

Site Audit & Optimizations

Apexon delivers significant value across your digital commerce efforts. Audit, in itself, is a quantitative, reflective, and reporting-based practice. Our services are designed to help you measure the performance of your web design, links, keywords, and SEO to improve your brand competitiveness. Our solutions help you:  
  • Make data-driven resource allocation decisions
  • Establish quantified benchmarks to interpret performances against industry standards
  • Create best practices based on highest-performing pages internally
  • Measure and maintain uniformity of SEO implementation practices from page to page
  • Filter and fix inefficient pages for higher conversion
  • Detect and fix loopholes in existing SEO efforts

Digitize, analyze, and enhance your customer’s experience

Enable personalized customer experiences with our end-to-end digital commerce solutions.



Apexon in Action

See how Apexon helps your business go digital effortlessly

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Integrating the channels of customer engagement

Discover how we helped a leading health supplement retailer increase their web traffic, conversions, and YoY revenue by 50% by developing omnichannel engagement solutions, store-specific inventory, payment gateways, and subscription services customized for their business.

Use case image

Improving the quality of customer engagement

Explore how we helped a luxury fashion retailer improve their average customer engagement time by 22% and reduce wait time on PLP by 20% with our performance improvement solutions that eliminated inconsistent experiences and unnecessary hurdles in the customer journey.

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Integrating different business verticals for improved efficiency

Discover how we helped an industrial equipment supplier integrate their corporate and eCommerce site that helped them deliver seamless customer journeys, develop holistic CX recognition, reduce service dependency, and rectify cost inefficiencies for improved ROI and omnichannel customer engagement.

Digitize commerce, optimize cost, and enhance growth

Create a customer-first digital commerce experience with our specialized solutions helping you optimize your costs, improve your customer interactions, and grow your business with in-depth customer insights.


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