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Create unparalleled digital experiences that enhance organizational efficiency, engage customers, and enable enterprise-wide collaboration.

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A portal to enhanced digital experiences

The digital experience design and platform implementation are custom made for each business model. It is scalable and evolves with the changing needs of the future. Our solutions enable improved internal collaboration within the company while delivering engaging digital experiences for your customers.

DXP Platform Selection and Implementation

We provide end-to-end solutions that begin with understanding your business and customer base. We help you select the best DXP Implementation for your business model, focusing on personalization, scalability, and automation.

CMS Implementation

Apexon helps you create a scalable, customized, and intuitive CMS that improves organizational effectiveness with easy sharing of information and provides an engaging platform for your customers to interact with your business.

Search Optimization

Apexon helps you create search-optimized portals, helping users get quick access to relevant information. It improves the productivity within the company while making it easier for your customers to find the information they seek, improving engagement and customer satisfaction levels.

Site Performance Optimization

Apexon helps optimize your website's performance with improved loading time, site reliability, page responsiveness, and dynamic platform adoption to provide an engaging digital experience. Improved site performance helps you drive robust omnichannel engagements with your customers backed by a website that efficiently caters to customers' requests.

Enhancing the way your business engages with your customers

Apexon has developed a methodology that provides guidance to practitioners facing the increasing complexities of building Portal platforms using a comprehensive and structured approach to implement Portal solutions quickly and successfully. We provide a full set of methods, best practices, and tools designed to accelerate the development and implementation process in five phases: Assessment, Model & Design, Construction, Deployment and Manage.



Apexon in action

See how Apexon helps businesses improve efficiency and engage customers online with scalable, responsive, optimized, intuitive portals and content management solutions.

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Leading healthcare payer gets scalable intranet portal

Discover how we helped a leading healthcare payer develop an enterprise-wide collaboration solution by integrating core BI features within the Office suite of products and enhancing search capabilities.

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Large travel company improves business with personalized user experience

Explore how we helped a prominent travel company improve its user experience and business by implementing a solution using searched, booked, and wish-listed products for customer-based UX. We helped build an authorized CMS for easy content management and reduced IT intervention that led to improved organizational efficiency.

Use case image

Dubai-based firm enhances brand recognition and user engagement

Learn how we helped Dubai-based company remove bottlenecks in the overall expansion of their client base by building an omnichannel customer experience model with Arabic and English language support. We helped enable and streamline on-demand content authoring and modification, leading to higher lead generation, improved user retention, and better user engagement on desktop and mobile devices.

Use case image

Residential asset management company revamps customer-facing public website

Discover how we helped a residential asset management company improve user engagement with immersive digital experience backed by a scalable CMS and develop flexible templates that accommodate 99% of content requests.

Deliver digital experiences that delight

Apexon helps you create portals that put human experience at the forefront. Designed and customized for your specific business needs, our solutions scale, adapt, and respond intuitively to the users helping improve organizational efficiency internally and customer experiences externally.


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