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Ace The Race To Digitization

Apexon's Tech practice fuels the industry’s growth by helping businesses accelerate their pace and accuracy by servicing software products/platform development, from concept to market release. Apexon utilizes the latest micro-architecture-based product design strategies and complements it with automation for faster time-to-market through:



Platform Design and Deployment with our Analytics and Insights Studio

Co-create user-centric solutions on Apexon's state-of-the-art platforms that leverage AI, advanced analytics, and data science techniques to harness the potential of your data and drive insightful decision-making. Apexon leverages its 15+ years of experience working with world-leading OEMs and IHVs for end-to-end hardware/software devices testing services, embedded programming, device driver development, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Android and Azure Platform based testing, and user interface development on WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS platforms, and more
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New Technology Implementation with our Cloud Studio

Modernize your app architecture with Apexon's frameworks that help you get the best from the cloud for your enterprise needs - from cloud migration and cloud-native implementation to enterprise mobile application development and testing automation
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IT-driven Customer Engagement with our Digital Experiences Studio

Create unparalleled digital experiences for your customers backed by Apexon’s unique accelerators for Salesforce CRM that expands on the cloud’s possibilities and for a robust SAP ecosystem that can help you accelerate delivery and streamline costs. Take control of your supply chain with our AI/ML models to determine future demand and build forecast models to manage inventory.
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How We’ve Led Our Customers to the Vertex



Apexon in Action

See how Apexon helps enterprises break new boundaries in hi-tech with future-proofed IT solutions


Marketing Logistics Company Reduces TAT by 60%

Discover how we helped a marketing logistics enterprise rearchitect their legacy apps on a cloud platform to enhance performance and bring turnaround time down from 30 days to 12


Telecom Giant Cuts Reporting Response Time by 44%

Find out how we helped one of North America's largest telecom companies accelerate network optimization initiatives and boost reporting response times


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