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5 Key Pillars to Improve Cloud Security Posture at Scale

5 Key Pillars to Improve Cloud Security Posture at Scale

Data is as good as capital for enterprises. So why aren’t you protecting it as such?

Data-driven decision making is the impetus of the digital transformation movement. Your information has unmatched potential to identify wasteful spending, discover trends, and even drive your organization to an even more lucrative future. But none of these opportunities can be unlocked if your data is, well, unlocked. Unsecure data, cloud environments, and architecture can be hugely detrimental for organizations. What was once your proprietary tool for success can quickly be turned into a weapon against you if snatched by the wrong hands. That is why security posture is becoming a top priority for enterprises of all sizes.

What is Security Posture and Why is it Important?

Security posture refers to the cyber-security strength of your organization and how precisely they can respond to the unpredictable threats across the internet. Auditing networks, data, and internet security is necessary to determine your security posture. From there, you can assess risks, overcome them, and devise a plan to prevent data breaches moving forward.

The Importance of Enhancing Security with Cloud Computing

No matter how secure your architecture may appear, your organization’s security posture must keep pace with technological advancements. If not, your once-strong security status could weaken and become susceptible to threats. The AWS Cloud Security Posture Management can help you stay on top of changes that may affect your security posture. The methodology of the AWS Cloud Security Posture Management system is based on five key pillars:

  • Identify: Identify a data breach or change in security configuration in real time
  • Protect: Protect your information and prevent it from falling into unauthorized hands
  • Detect: Consistent monitoring for the detection of harmful changes in the system
  • Respond: Quickly respond to threats your system encounters
  • Recover: Assist users in recovering from the events of data loss or other system outages

Each pillar of AWS Cloud Security Posture Management marks a significant role in strengthening the security of your cloud-based application. Together, it helps business users identify and rectify security violations, lack of encryptions, and exorbitant account permissions. If, under any circumstances, data is directly exposed to the internet, Apexon Managed Services could be your next key to maintaining excellent security posture at scale.

Strategizing Your Security Posture Plan with Apexon

At Apexon, we develop custom strategies that strengthen the security of your cloud operations, data, and infrastructure. We help clients wade through security findings and remediate issues either automatically or through guided workflows. Here is what we do:

  • Enhance compliancy and security with AWS: We help you monitor and detect system changes. You can also identify the triggered security events by integrating AWS with your existing monitoring solutions.
  • Strengthen the frequent AWS updates: Customers across the world benefit from the security-related updates released by AWS. It utilizes user feedback to enhance security of the platform for more robust service offerings.
  • Improved customer focus on systems: Even when you are planning to upgrade or strengthen your system architecture, the focus of your application should never be taken off your customers and their expectations. The shared responsibility model by AWS ensures that your system runs on the Cloud as efficiently and safely as it did with your on-premises center.
  • Better-performing cloud and big data abilities: AWS gives you low-cost and convenient access to large amounts of storage. The capacity of the platform to process your information is even more compelling. AWS makes it easier for you to focus on even the littlest security events with precision.
  • Security best practice checks: We recommend using cloud-native services like AWS Control Tower, AWS Organizations, AWS Well-Architected Tool, SecurityHub, GuardDuty, IAM Access Analyzer, AWS Config, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch to perform security best practice checks, aggregates alerts, and enable automated remediation of findings.
  • Establish limited and secure governance: Apexon Managed Services reconcile misconfigurations, secure sensitive data, and enforce least-privileged access across public cloud footprint. We provide risk-based prioritization views and offer various techniques to drive policy-based security and governance.

Being a managed service provider, we help you discover a strategy that is perfectly aligned with your current and future business plans. Regardless of your current security posture, we can provide the tools and services to place your sensitive data under lock and key: where it belongs.

To learn more, check out Apexon’s Managed Services, SRE Services, Cloud Security Posture Management and other related services, reach out to us today.

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