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Future-Proof Your Core

Re-host, re-platform, and re-engineer your mission-critical systems.

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From Legacy To
Leading Edge

Apexon helps enterprises ascend to a new operational standard by upgrading legacy systems and integrating emerging technologies for richer business outcomes.

Create Dynamic, User Experiences

Human-centric UI design methodology to build interfaces that delight and surprise users - on both the front- and back-end.
  • Coding & HIM Services
  • ICD 10 Services
  • A/R Denial Management
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Revenue Integrity

Modernize Your Architecture

Restructure the way your applications interact with human and machine systems to build a superior digital experience.
  • Claims Administration
  • Provider Data Management
  • Network Management
  • Membership Management
  • Recovery

Evolve Your Databases

Create richer data storage infrastructure to shatter silos and build interoperability into every platform and portal.
  • Wellness ERP Application
  • Biometric Measurements
  • HRA
  • Flu/Vaccination Reminders
  • Physician Recruitment / Credential

Integrate Seamlessly

Align your people, processes and platforms and move from obsolete architecture to more agile, service-oriented business systems.
  • Provider Smart Data Entry tool
  • Provider network
  • New Provider loading
  • Credential data capture
  • Provider updates

Platform Modernization

Re-tool your legacy systems to quickly and efficiently adapt to modern business needs and customer expectations.
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Advanced Analytics
  • RPA Integration
  • HIPAA Certified

Enterprise Application Modernization

Consolidate your application suite, get rid of bloatware and continually optimize your digital infrastructure costs.
  • HIX Exchange
  • State Medicaid program
  • Social Security Office (Uninsured)
  • Eligibility
  • ERP


Apexon In Action

Discover how Apexon is helping enterprises all over the world unlock greater efficiency from their application landscape.


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MIKA At Your Service

Minimally Invasive Knowledge Acquisition (MIKA) methodology that help enterprises quickly transition from legacy systems without disrupting your core operations.

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