Data Anomaly Detection and Prevention Platform

the challenge

Predicting Patterns to Drive Decisions

Enterprises inundated with millions of data sets rely on high-quality insights to drive strategic business decisions. But data anomalies can lead to erroneous or sub-par insights into substantial and crucial pieces of information. These same data anomalies can also present opportunities that were not visible until an abnormality in the pattern was detected. Missing those opportunities can be costly.

EdgeDetect detects, and foresees patterns and data abnormalities

What we do


EdgeDetect proactively scans, detects, and foresees patterns and data abnormalities that can have a far-reaching impact on your business and leverages advanced ML capabilities to provide you with insights that can help turn those anomalies into business opportunities. Organizations use EdgeDetect to spot unusual patterns and use that data to improve business processes, prevent fraud, improve CX, reduce customer churn, and increase ROI.


Smarter Business Insights

EdgeDetect gains new data insights, faster and more efficiently.

10-15% improvement in accuracy
10-15% improvement in accuracy

Business-specific customization
Business-specific customization

Fraud reduction
Fraud reduction

Improved customer satisfaction
Improved customer satisfaction

30% reduction in deployment time
30% reduction in deployment time

Our approach

Automate Anomaly Detection and Prevention

EdgeDetect continuously analyzes information to uncover data anomalies and prevent them automatically, based on business-specific needs.


Key capabilities include:


Faster anomaly detection

Enable faster detection

Make anomaly detection quicker, easy to deploy, and specific to your business.

Best ML models

Discover viable machine learning modules

Identify the best possible ML models through hyperparameter optimization.

Build successful framework for anomaly detection

Build successful framework for anomaly detection

Combine business logic with multi-faceted ML algorithms to define the final anomaly detection framework.

Conduct continuous model surveillance

Conduct continuous model surveillance

Enable continuous monitoring and surveillance of the ML models to get continuous updates on model health over time and decay if any.

EdgeDetect in Action

Fraud identification in BFSI industry

Anomaly detection in data from credit cards, money transfers, insurance claims, etc., help BFSI organizations significantly reduce fraud, money laundering, and other illegal practices, ensuring higher profits and improved customer safety.

Early warning signals for business/operations KPIs across industries

EdgeDetect helps detect abnormal patterns in key business KPI’s, by consistently monitoring trends – revenue, orders, CX, Leads, service KPI’s – enabling key stakeholders to intervene on time and take corrective action.

Preventive maintenance for technology and manufacturing

EdgeDetect can predict machine failures in advance by analyzing sensor data anomalies in technology and manufacturing industries to help reduce operatinal risk and improve productivity.

Traffic monitoring for websites

EdgeDetect improves website audience quality and performance by evaluating and monitor traffic, detecting bots, and providing new insights into the audience’s preferences.