Video data analytics platform

the challenge

Analyzing Video Data with Speed and Scale

Computer vision and analysis presents big challenges for any organization. For one, it requires a tremendous amount of visual data that needs to be accurately analyzed for object identification, motion detection, image segmentation, etc. In addition, sorting through all that information in real-time requires speedy, reliable platforms and algorithms. Managing a computer vision application in production also requires battle-tested version management, security, access management, debugging, and more.

VizSense is a visual analytics platform

What we do


VizSense is a visual analytics platform that applies advanced ML deep learning algorithms to provide an entire suite of functionalities for all your computer vision application needs – from live video feeds processing, real time sorting and access control to integrating pre-trained models, video-based intelligence extraction, and BI reports. VizSense provides an end-to-end platform to analyze all offline/online feeds at scale with custom analysis objectives.


Increased Accuracy and Scale in Video Data Analysis

VizSense’s state of the art deep learning models enable an ‘eye-in-the-sky’ experience and capability to drive more effective video analysis.

Better accuracy in visual data analysis
10-15% more accuracy in visual data analysis

Portable code with microservices
Portable code with microservices

Scalable containerized architecture
Scalable containerized architecture

Easy integration for custom development and analysis
Easy integration for custom development and analysis

Analyse Feeds both live and offline videos
Feeds both live and offline videos

Our approach

Analytics and intelligence at your fingertips

VizSense provides visual analytics processing capabilities to extract meaningful information from images and videos and report in real-time. Users can leverage advanced ML algorithms to parse and perceive information within images or videos with custom analysis features.

Key capabilities include:

Create custom functions for customized analysis

Object identification

Add multiple rules within function while integrating new DL models to detect and/or identify objects for future use cases. Create custom functions for customized analysis.

Generate data via manual labelling

Manual Labelling

Generate data via manual labelling for AI model development in case data is not available for automated object detection.

Export video detection


Export video detection data to various output formats for further use in BI reports and run multiple analysis jobs on live feeds or offline data.

VizSense in Action

Video Labelling for Automotive Industry

From automation of testing using LCD images and compliance monitoring to evaluate car damage and traffic control, VizSense can go a long way.

Manufacturing Automation Using Image-Based Detection

VizSense helps in gas pipe monitoring, machine components validation, and factory compliance monitoring of safety wearables.

Hawkeye Area Surveillance at Reduced Cost

VizSense can help in aerial surveys and drone-feed analysis of industrial areas, satellite image analysis, automated labelling of objects in a video, and user authentication and detection.

Seamless Financial Services with End-to-End Security

VizSense thwarts undesirable incidents at ATMs and analyzes customer crowds to decide on high-impact areas, as well as with vehicle damage evaluation.