UI/UX Services

Deliver exceptional user experiences across every touchpoint

The importance of great UX

The importance of great UX

Today your users expect their experiences with your brand or company to be seamless and customized across every channel. The key is to deliver a continuous experience before, during and after your product or service launches. This includes from the moment of discovery and consideration, all the way through post-purchase and product use. The ability to deliver on that expectation requires proven methodologies combined with trained UX professionals.

Apexon can turn your UI/UX into competitive advantage

Apexon can turn your UI/UX into competitive advantage

Apexon can help your business explore, shape, and deliver seamless digital experiences across all touchpoints of the customer journey by understanding user and business needs and executing transformative design solutions. We leverage research-driven insights and the power of design to create the right user experiences for your business.

UX Workshops

Apexon’s UX workshops provide a collaborative environment to help teams better understand the real needs and wants of users and create solutions that truly meet those needs. The workshops are facilitated by skilled and unbiased design-thinking professionals using planned activities to advance your agenda and focus on finding solutions in a more cost-effective and efficient way. Key outcomes include empathy, problem-solving, new idea generation, team building and UX innovation.

UI/UX Design

From design through delivery, our UX/UI design resources shape and craft engaging interfaces and experiences that your customers will love. Our capabilities include intelligent user interfaces for mobile apps and responsive web, functional prototypes to final live solutions, research-driven and user-centered design, and best practice, ADA compliance, brand and style guidelines.

UX Research-as-a-Service

We provide pure UX research discovery initiatives with an emphasis on actionable results via activities and deliverables with insightful solutions.

Our methods and tools typically include:

  • Behavioral research and insights
  • Deep-dive qualitative research paired with deep data AI-led quantitative Insights
  • Primary/secondary research and analysis
  • A/B testing and analysis
  • UX Mapping: Ecosystem, Empathy, User Journey, UX Blueprinting
  • Deep qualitative research studies and analysis for customer and industry insights and findings