Application Development

Make your digital ideas a reality - smarter, faster and with less risk

Modern Application Development Services

Digital Demands a Modern Approach to Application Development

Delivery organizations today face a fast-changing landscape. Users have high expectations for innovative digital services delivered via new devices and interfaces for healthcare, finance, retail, and operations. Development teams must incorporate new technologies such as AI, machine learning and voice/chatbots and find ways to leverage growing pools of data to enable smarter user experiences. All while ensuring high performance and service levels.

Mobile AppDev and Engineering Services

Apexon Provides End-to-End Application Development & Engineering — Specifically for Today’s Digital Environment

Our Modern AppDev and Engineering services support the entire digital development lifecycle. Our expertise covers strategy and design through deployment, testing and support and we provide industry-relevant solutions backed by deep domain and tech expertise. Our services help delivery organizations:

  • Manage distributed teams
  • Eliminate single points of failure
  • Improve business operations
  • Transition from legacy code
  • Improve software maintainability

Application Strategy
& Roadmap

Fast track your application initiatives.

Apexon offers comprehensive application development services supported by expert resources, ready-made solutions and reusable frameworks and technology platforms.

Services include:

  • Team of digital technology experts
  • Configurable, domain-specific solutions
  • Customized blueprinting
  • Flexible delivery models

Custom Application

Unlock new business opportunities with bespoke applications.

Apexon’s Custom Application Development helps enterprises deliver differentiated digital services, reduce development costs, and improve efficiencies through data-infused custom software solutions. Unlike the off-the-shelf and traditional software, Apexon enables companies to address specific business issues and goals head on.

Services include:

  • Product strategy and consulting
  • End-to-end development services
  • Quality assurance and automation
  • Maintenance and support


Turn enterprise APIs into business facilitators.

Integration is the new business facilitator and Apexon helps enterprises unlock the business value in integration to thrive in the API economy. We help organizations leverage integration to expose information within and beyond organizational boundaries to unlock new operations efficiencies, business insights and revenue streams.

Low-code/No-code Development

Quickly build and deploy enterprise-ready digital services across the business.

Apexon leverages low-code/no-code development to help businesses in two different ways:

  • Accelerating development efforts on their behalf and quickly taking their ideas from concept to production
  • Supporting delivery teams adopting low-code/no-code by reducing the learning curve and empowering less technical stakeholders

Services include:

  • Complementing existing low-code/no-code development with engaging branded user experiences
  • Modeling complex application processes with visual process flows
  • Helping ingest, transform, and map legacy system data
  • Handling integration, risk assessment and automated unit and UI tests
  • Deploying sophisticated automation, rules and analytics capabilities
  • Setting up both on-premise and cloud-based deployments; single or multi-tenant


Transforming the customer journey for increased loyalty and profitability.

Apexon delivers trusted, smart, flexible and sustainable solutions built on Salesforce to help businesses put their customers at the center of everything they do. With Salesforce’s single integrated platform, we help businesses create amazing, end-to-end experiences for their customers.

Services include:

  • Smart sales
  • Effortless customer service
  • Experiential marketing
  • Insight to action analysis
  • Employee experience
  • Operation excellence

We also leverage Salesforce industry cloud platforms to deliver custom solutions for healthcare and life sciences, financial services and manufacturing.


Streamline the build, test, and integration of intelligent conversation applications into your business.

Apexon helps business harness the power of AI-powered Voice and Chatbots to optimize customer engagements in revolutionary ways. Our experience with the leading industry platforms – Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant – enable your business to take full advantage of these technologies in sales, customer service and operations.

Services include:

  • Strategy
  • Expert chatbot and voicebot development
    • Personalized experiences and relevant content
    • Intelligent assistance
    • Contactless payments and integrated commerce
    • Data capture and display
    • Data sharing, data comparison and comparison reporting
    • Algorithm refinement
  • Testing/automation

Connected Medical

Accelerate your Digital Health initiatives with scalable MedTech engineering.

Apexon helps MedTech companies launch connected and compliant devices, faster and with less risk. We adhere to a disciplined continuous review process to deliver secure and compliant solutions following industry standards and regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, FDA and FHIR.

Our services support the medical device product lifecycle, allowing customers to take advantage of business usage scenarios and opportunities across the entire digital and connected healthcare ecosystem.

Services include:

  • Product strategy
  • Digital enablement engineering (devices, interfaces, applications, Digital Twins)
  • Design verification and validation


Unleash the full potential of IoT with simplified solutions at scale and speed.

Apexon offers full-stack IoT engineering and development services to build the right IoT technology stack and data-rich software solutions for personal devices, MedTech products, and beyond. We work across the IoT ecosystem – from the largest chipset manufacturers to early-stage disruptors in healthcare and connected cars – to accelerate product innovation, create operational efficiencies and provide visibility across departments.

Services include:

  • Specialized IoT platforms
  • Firmware development
  • IoT cloud development
  • Conversion of IoT-based data
  • Test automation
  • Device benchmarking
  • System integration
  • Digital Twins
  • Mobile IoT app development
  • Lab-as-a-Service
  • Human subject validation


Strategy, development and testing for the latest digital devices.

Apexon helps companies conceive, develop and launch wearable devices, applications, and ideas to market faster, with more features and less risk. Our experience includes both consumer and business applications in sports, healthcare, and regulated medical devices.

We envision, plan, and execute on wearable applications, devices, physical property sensors, biosensors, and connectivity that, in some cases, have never been developed before.

Services include:

  • Strategy – consulting, needs analysis, design blueprinting
  • Development – software, firmware, algorithm, companion apps
  • Test/QA/Automation – algorithm, ground truth, stress testing, automation, maintenance


Turn the Edge into a source for innovation and competitive differentiation.

Apexon helps enterprise IT and service delivery teams turn Edge Computing into an accelerator for digital initiatives.

We have a proven track record of working with Edge Computing to:

  • Convert analog-based use cases to digital using sensors, IoT chipsets, firmware development and building the full-stack infrastructure around it – web, mobile, cloud and analytics
  • Create new and seamless customer experiences
  • Integrate with hardware, business applications and the wider infrastructure environment.
  • Apply built-in AI and analytics
  • Incorporate end-to-end testing and chaos engineering


Increase personalization, speed cycle time and reduce risk with Digital Twins.

Apexon uses Digital Twins to help enterprises understand the performance of digital devices and services and predict user interactions – before pushing them into full production. This helps inform product development, accelerate time to market and increase service levels.

We have also deployed Digital Twins to enable clients to develop new service offerings such as personalized health and training, and optimize customer support through remote network operations.