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Cloud Native Platform Engineering Services

Cloud is Not a One Size
Fits All Proposition

Despite widespread adoption and the introduction of “cloud first” business strategies, many companies still struggle to gain full value from their cloud efforts. Cloud-native systems are complex and distributed, and they require fundamentally different approaches to development. Organizations must have a clear view of the role they want cloud to play in their business. It requires defining the what and the why behind your investment in cloud and then executing on that vision.

Cloud Engineering Services

Apexon Equips Businesses to Take Full Advantage of the Cloud

Apexon offers comprehensive cloud consulting and engineering capabilities to support customers’ digital initiatives including cloud strategy, migration, service discovery, and public/private cloud optimization. Our partnerships with AWS, Azure and GCP also equip us to unearth the full potential of these platforms for our clients.


Lay the foundation for a successful automation transformation.

Our outcome-based approach and strong QA background position businesses to take full advantage of all of cloud’s power and flexibility. We help build unique cloud strategies, customized at every stage of the business. Expert assessment, project scoping, blueprinting and project planning enable maximum speed, performance, and reliability in the cloud environment to deliver on each company’s unique business goals.

Services include:

  • Cloud consulting
  • Cloud migration assessment
  • Business case and TCO analysis
  • Roadmap strategy
  • Cost optimization
  • Application portfolio assessment
  • Infrastructure consolidation assessment
  • Cloud modernization assessment
  • DR planning and assessment
  • Best practice recommendations
  • Cloud service commercialization
  • Current workload review and analysis


With our deep expertise in cloud, Apexon enables enterprises to accelerate their migration to public cloud with a structured, holistic, and agile migration factory approach. We ensure a scalable, highly available, secure, and agile cloud infrastructure environment tailored to your needs, including automated infrastructure management and monitoring.

Services include:

  • On-Premise to cloud migration
  • Cloud-to-Cloud migration


Apexon offers a comprehensive set of cloud-enablement services ranging from strategy, design, and testing, to migration, integration, deployment and ongoing support. These services are tailored to address the needs of different organizations, their industry, and their level of cloud maturity.

Services include:

  • Deployment automation
  • Infra-as-a-Code
  • Progressive delivery
  • DevSecOps
  • Site reliability engineering
  • Cloud migration and transformation
  • Multi-Cloud enablement
  • Hybrid-Cloud enablement
  • Chaos engineering


Apexon’s Application Modernization offerings enable enterprises to increase business agility and resilience with scalable cloud-native applications. We help development teams lay the foundation for cloud-native architecture with a continuous delivery model that modernizes complex legacy systems. Our all-in-one services include cloud enablement, industry-specific development solutions, ongoing application management, and continuous improvement.

Services include:

  • Re-architecting
  • Re-platforming
  • Re-hosting
  • Container adoption
  • Customized application development environments


Apexon’s Cloud-Native Development teams help businesses move to microservices, serverless computing and containerized architecture through effective cloud engineering practices. We offer a full suite of end-to-end services, ranging from strategy, design, and testing, all the way through to deployment and ongoing support.

Services include:


  • Decomposition strategy
  • Data strategy
  • Execution model
  • Testing strategy
  • Security


  • Service discovery
  • Micro services
  • Edge services
  • Deployment choices
  • DevOps


  • Service reliability
  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Apexon offers end-to-end, application-focused, SRE services to ensure hyper-agility, high availability, zero disruption, and control over your cloud landscape. We employ the latest methodologies, accelerators and enablers, and other cloud-based tools to deliver end-to-end support, irrespective of industry sector or digital maturity. Our SRE services encompass the entire spectrum of cloud management.

Services include:

  • Monitoring and operational intelligence
  • Provisioning and orchestration
  • Site reliability engineering
  • Governance
  • Security
  • Application performance management (APM)
  • Optimization services


Apexon offers comprehensive DevOps services and expertise to put your cloud initiatives to work. Our digital maturity model evaluates how well companies have incorporated DevOps services into their operating models and how effectively they execute their digital initiatives.
From initial strategy and planning through delivery and support, we have the DevOps expertise, process, and tools to accelerate the integration of your dev/test efforts and increase your level of automation.

Services include:

  • Continuous delivery
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous testing
  • Progressive delivery
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Chaos engineering


Apexon uses Chaos Engineering to help organizations build fault-tolerant and robust cloud-native applications to accelerate digital transformation. These services are an integral part of Progressive Delivery, based on the principle of experimenting with new functionality on distributed systems in order to test true performance. It is essentially a controlled experiment for your digital services in production, building confidence in the ability of those systems to function properly in real conditions.

We currently focus on the following areas:

  • Infrastructure
  • Network
  • Application