Cloud Native Platform Engineering


Acceleration innovation by failing quickly and being under control

chaos engineering
Apexon uses DevOps Chaos Engineering to help delivery teams experiment on distributed systems to develop new digital services

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Chaos engineering and testing challenges & solutions
the challenge

Cloud-Native Systems Are Complex Distributed Systems

As businesses look to get new digital services to market quickly and ahead of competition, it can be difficult to anticipate or recreate every possible condition to ensure proper functionality and performance.

Assuring individual service performance is not enough when dealing with distributed systems running at scale. When digital services interact with other services in a distributed system, you often get unpredictable and chaotic outcomes related to network reliability, bandwidth, latency, security, admin requirements and more. This can have a disastrous effect for users and IT service administrators.

chaos engineering services
What we do

Seamless Chaos Engineering with the Latest Digital Technologies

Apexon uses Chaos Engineering to help organizations build fault-tolerant and robust cloud-native applications to accelerate digital transformation. These services are an integral part of Progressive Delivery, based on the principle of experimenting with new functionality on distributed systems in order to test true performance.

It is essentially a controlled experiment for your digital services in production, building confidence in the ability of those systems to function properly in real conditions. This enables delivery teams to address weaknesses proactively, minimizing downtime, SLA breaches, and negative business impact.

Our expertise

End-to-end Chaos Engineering services

We help organizations build fault-tolerant and robust cloud-native applications to accelerate digital transformation. We currently focus on the following areas for Chaos Engineering:


Ensuring Distributed Application continues to work in an event of a host failure and upscales and downscale as per the required configuration


Simulate network latency, bandwidth, jitter to verify the resilient programming of Distributed Applications


Simulate application crashes via Exceptions or process kills


Advantages of our Chaos Engineering services

Accelerated Innovation
  • Experiment faster with less risk
  • See in real-time how a system responds to pressure
  • Identify opportunities for improvement sooner

Business Continuity
Business Continuity
  • Minimize potential business disruptions caused by failure of complex and distributed systems with pro-active understanding of weaknesses
  • Ensure that all the interdependencies in the complex system work seamlessly
  • Minimize downtime by identifying and resolving defects in the system before they break unexpectedly and hurt the business and users

Operational Efficiency
Operational Efficiency

To learn more about Chaos Engineering – Download Whitepaper.

Our methodology

how we do it

Our approach
Our Mobility & Frontend Web Development Environment

Apexon follows a disciplined process with several key steps that dictate how we design Chaos Engineering experiments. The degree to which we can adhere to these steps correlates directly with the confidence we can have in a distributed system at scale.

chaos engineering to Identify metrics and values

Identify metrics and values to define steady state of system

Chaos Engineering experiments

Hypothesize it will work well for control group and experimental group

Variables that reflect real world events

Introduce variables that reflect real world events like servers that crash, dependencies that fail etc

Stimulate environment

Stimulate environment using introduced variables to disapprove set hypothesis

Manage the blast radius

Manage the blast radius by ensuring that the fallout from experiments are minimised and contained

Chaos Engineering Approach

Our expertise


Apexon has extensive, hands-on experience with the leading mobile and frontend web development tools and languages. We can help you take full advantage to maximize your ROI.

chaos monkey

graph traversal language and virtual machine

service mesh

Key Partnerships


We can help you accelerate your time-to-market and increase agility with our comprehensive suite of AWS offerings. Industry-best standards and AWS-guided design patterns drive our AWS cloud solutions. In addition, we adhere to a disciplined continuous review process with experienced and talented AWS-Certified resources.


Our partnership with Azure helps organizations move to cloud at speed, increasing application availability, technical flexibility, and security improvements.


Monetize your data with the help of Apexon’s end-to-end migration and implementation services for Snowflake Data Cloud. Apexon offers end-to-end migration and implementation services for Snowflake Data Cloud, including design, data preparation, re-platforming, and performance optimization.

Why Apexon


Apexon is currently powering the biggest Chaos Engineering community in India to help organizations build fault-tolerant and robust cloud-native applications to accelerate their digital initiatives


The Chaos Maturity Model provides a map for software delivery teams getting started with Chaos Engineering to track their progress, compare themselves to other organizations, and evolve their use over time. Apexon uses this model to lay out the most effective approach that will deliver the most productive results


From strategy and planning through implementation and training services


18+ years of experience in helping clients design and implement risk-free testing through our extended team-oriented approach


Investments in unique platforms, solutions, and frameworks to accelerate the delivery while reducing your costs and risk

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