Infostretch Corporation dba Apexon STATEMENT UNDER SECTION 54(1) OF THE MODERN SLAVERY ACT

Infostretch Corporation dba Apexon Corporation is committed to upholding human rights, including the prevention of forced labor, slavery, child labor and human trafficking. Accordingly, Infostretch Corporation dba Apexon and its affiliates are committed to ensure that its employees and suppliers across the globe take appropriate steps to mitigate the risk of human trafficking and slavery in any part of their business.

This Statement is made pursuant to Section 54 (1) of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 to set out the steps we take to ensure that slavery and human trafficking are not present in our business or our supply chain.

Infostretch Corporation dba Apexon Corporation provides digital transformation and other professional services in the United States and globally. We provide expert mobile solutions to enterprise customers in Finance, Banking, Telecom, Travel and Retail industries. Our company is based in California, USA and operates subsidiaries in India, UK and Germany. Infostretch Corporation dba Apexon is a certified Minority Business Enterprise.

We have classified our suppliers into three major categories:

  • Suppliers of People: contractors who perform services for our clients and support our business. This is the most prevalent category.
  • Suppliers of Services: vendors who provide essential services (such as janitorial services, etc.)
  • Suppliers of Products: partners who supply products (such as IT hardware, software, electrical / electronic equipment, furniture, etc.)

Our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics and Integrity Policy are the foundation of our compliance program. It sets forth our core values, shared responsibilities, global commitments and promises. These documents are supplemented by additional policies such as the antiharassment and anti-discrimination policy stated in the relevant company documents.

At the time of onboarding and at regular intervals, our employees undergo rigorous anti-discrimination and ethical training.

We carefully vet our suppliers and inform them of our expectations including on forced labor, discrimination-free workplace, wages and benefits and ethical dealings.

We are striving to ensure that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place within any of our supply chain business partners and will not tolerate such activities either within the supply chain or within any part of our business.

As part of our efforts, we undertake the following:

In our agreements with suppliers, we implemented provisions obligating our suppliers to comply with all applicable local laws. In addition, we have updated our standard contractual terms to include obligations on our suppliers to comply with our position regarding anti-slavery and human trafficking.

We conduct yearly audits of our suppliers to determine, among other things, compliance with our ethical standards.

Our payments are always above the stipulated minimum wages.

We have reviewed the effectiveness of our measures to ensure compliance with anti-slavery and human trafficking policies in our supply chains and will continue to improve our processes and encourage our staff to report their concerns.

Infostretch Corporation dba Apexon is committed to ensuring that our values and ethics are an integral part of our way of doing business, interacting with our employees, partners and suppliers.

Sriniketh Chakravarthi
Chief Executive Officer