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Emergency Department Company Leverages Automation to Improve Audit Efforts by 50%

automating emergency service coding

One of the major challenges plaguing emergency department companies is revenue collection. For firms that provide these services across multiple locations, maintaining a consistent and high-throughput coding and billing process is of utmost importance.

This firm wanted to improve quality and reduce clinical document deficiency by automating emergency service coding and establishing a seamless workflow across all 6 sites they were operating in.

The challenge

2 key areas

In offering their niche skills of ED services, the client was facing complexities in:

Inconsistent Quality

Inconsistent Quality Establishing consistent quality of coding efforts and a standardized workflow across its sites

Increasing Accuracy & Reducing Time

Increasing Accuracy & Reducing Time Increasing coding and billing accuracy and reducing time

The Solution

3 key areas

Apexon leveraged the ApexED solution to automate the generation of claims in a secure application and created a workflow that provides meaningful recommendations. The client was able to:

Improve Accuracy

Improve Accuracy

Automate the end-to-end Emergency Department coding process – level of service, CPT, MIPS, modifiers, ICD1O coding – with greater accuracy and lesser time

New Enhancements

Reduce Licensing Cost

Implement workflow management to reduce licensing cost of PMS applications and enhance security

Enhance Performance

Enhance Performance

Integrate audit modules with the executive dashboard for quality assurance and performance enhancement