Delivering on digital’s potential in healthcare

Driving better outcomes for patients, providers and payers

Digital Healthcare Company USA

Seamless, personalized care experiences for providers

Digital Healthcare Solutions for Payers

Automated member management & services for payers

Intutive Self-care capabilities for Patients

Intelligent and intuitive self-care capabilities for patients

Healthcare Software Services and Solutions

Apexon addresses some of the biggest challenges in healthcare today

We combine deep knowledge of the healthcare ecosystem with expertise in data analytics, cloud, mobile and AI to solve the industry’s toughest challenges:

Improvement in clinical efficiency

The high cost of care and the need for significant improvements in clinical efficiency

Leverage data sources in the health ecosystem to improve outcomes

The inability to connect disparate EHR systems and leverage the wealth of other data sources in the health ecosystem to improve outcomes

Healthcare industry regulations and evolving standards compliance

Complying with industry regulations and evolving standards

Integrate digital capabilities with payers’ and providers’ existing IT infrastructure

The integration of new digital capabilities with payers’ and providers’ existing IT infrastructure

Physician burnout solutions

Physician burnout due to overscheduling, growing patient demands and too many administrative tasks


data strategy

Data strategy applied to a wide variety of healthcare use cases – AI and image analytics for diagnosis; condition management and fraud detection; AI/ML for mail box categorization

Holistic Transformation

Experience in holistic transformation leveraging the latest UX, Digital Engineering and Analytics capabilities

digital innovation labs
Innovation labs

Continuous experimentation with emerging health tech in our dedicated digital innovation labs for healthcare

cloud strategy

Expertise in Cloud strategy and infrastructure for maximum business agility and efficiency

proven methodologies

Proven methodologies powered by domain expertise and technology accelerators

in-house digital capabilities
In-house Digital

Comprehensive digital capabilities in-house and through strategic partnerships

Proven Healthcare Technology Solutions for Payers & Providers
Proven Solutions for Payers & Providers

Apexon combines extensive healthcare experience with deep technical expertise to enable seamless personalized care experiences, easier and more secure healthcare information access, and streamlined operations. All while assuring compliance with the latest industry regulations.

EXPLORE Digital services for healthcare:

Digital services for Healthcare Payers

Apexon streamlines operations and member services for payers by applying intelligent automation to pre-care and post-adjudication processing.

Digital Healthcare Marketing
Sales & Marketing

Broker Management Increasing transparency and elevating broker service levels

Sales Management Enhancing visibility and collaboration to unlock productivity

Sales/Channel Analytics Leveraging insights to drive more informed decisions

Healthcare member management
Member Management

Member Orchestration Guiding seamless omni-channel member journeys

Member Enrollment Streamlining member onboarding

Fraud Analytics & Prevention Protecting payors and their members

Ensuring compliance and streamlining data-sharing requirements

Quality HEDIS/STARS Ensuring compliance and streamlining data-sharing requirements

Digital Medical Management Solutions
Medical Management

Wellness & Outreach Automated outreach programs to promote health improvements and cost savings

Care & Utilization Management Guiding patient care decisions for better health outcomes

Virtual Care Enabling virtual and remote care to improve access and support preventative care across the patient lifecycle

Condition Management Assisting payer, provider and patient decision-making related to treatment efficacy and efficiency

Customer services in Healthcare
Customer Service

Provider Engagement Involving providers to improve clinical outcomes, member retention and overall efficiency

Member Engagement Leveraging digital tools, platforms and data across the member lifecycle to enhance engagement and improve outcomes

Enterprise Reporting & Analytics Harnessing the power of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence

Proactive Outreach & Scheduling Driving better adherence to care plans, and prompting preventative action and maintenance

Healthcare Claims Management Software
Benefits, Provider & Claims

Benefits Management & Pricing Integrating member management and claims processing from claims receipt to claims payments

Provider Data Management Automating the collection, consolidation and publishing of provider information

Claims Intake Improving claims processing speed, accuracy and auto-adjudication rates

Claims Audit & Reporting Ensuring payment accuracy and efficiency

Payment Integrity Accelerate the application of AI and ML to expand automation and minimize fraud

Digital services for Healthcare providers

Apexon enables providers to leverage digital for virtual care, remote monitoring and personalized engagement and self-care.

Outpatient & Ancillary service
Outpatient & Ancillary Services

Virtual Care Supporting interactive provider and self-care experiences for patients to manage medications, conditions, vitals and symptoms

Remote Patient Monitoring Increasing care access and supporting preventative and personalized care delivery

Demand Planning & Scheduling Forecasting patient needs to provide health services delivered more efficiently and effectively

Inpatient Services
Inpatient Services

Patient Monitoring Remote on-site monitoring and alerts to protect patients and enhance their experience

Care Management & Coordination Providing a unified view of patient health and actionable insights to improve health outcomes

Diagnosis & Prevention Leveraging smart technologies to help physicians process patient information and data

Patient Care Management
Patient Management

Patient Portal Enabling secure 24/7 access to care information, communication and resources

Outcome Analysis Evaluating the clinical and economic impact of different treatments and care regimens

Patient Engagement Encouraging and helping patients to make informed decisions about their own health

Digitization of Healthcare
Sales & Marketing

Interoperability Connecting systems to improve provider visibility, support patient access and support more accurate payments

Visualization & Reporting Allowing users to easily obtain qualitative insights, patterns and trends via intuitive dashboards and self-service BI

Digital healthcare marketing
Revenue Cycle Management

Price Transparency Ensuring compliance with new regulations and providing clear visibility to patients and providers

Innovation Lab for Healthcare

Apexon’s Innovation Lab for healthcare is an on-demand offering that helps payers and providers turn their digital ideas into reality – by prototyping and testing their innovations more quickly and thoroughly without having to invest in infrastructure and tools. Companies can see results and get valuable feedback in as little as 3 to 6 weeks (vs. 6 months), speeding overall cycle time, informing further investment decisions and creating competitive advantage.

Some of the healthcare innovations developed with clients in our lab include:

Digital Health Hub

Health Hub

Smart Mirror Health

Smart Mirror

Omni-Channel Health Record Retrieval

Omni-channel Health
Record Retrieval

Allergy Warning - AR-based application

Allergy Warning –
AR-based application

Medical Examination Room Automation

Medical Examination
Room Automation

Doctor Buddy - AR application to augment the human skeleton

Doctor Buddy – AR
application to augment
the human skeleton

Remote Physiotherapy Tool

Physiotherapy Tool

Diabetic Retinopathy Detection

Diabetic Retinopathy

Medical Imaging Tool

Imaging Tool

Pharmacy Inventory Optimization

Pharmacy Inventory

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