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Unleash the true value of data using powerful data science packages and algorithms with best-of-breed tools

Advanced Analytics & AI/ML Services
Apexon helps enterprises derive the true value of complex data ecosystems with its Advanced Analytics and AI/ML services

Advanced Analytics Services & Solutions Company
The Challenge

In Digital, Data Is the Driver – But AI is engine

The growing digitization and connectivity of all things alongside the massive rise in computing power has made data analytics a critical priority of every business executive today. And many are looking to AI to offload specific cognitive tasks and gain speed, cost-efficiency and agility. However, many lack a comprehensive approach and roadmap to scale enterprise-grade AI for their business.

Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI Services) & Machine Learning Solutions
What we do

Harness the Power of Modern Analytics with the Latest Digital Technologies

Apexon provides consulting, engineering, and packaged software solutions covering the entire spectrum of advanced data application and management — business, financial and technical. Our solutions are based on deep mathematical and statistical foundations and state-of-the-art techniques, including deep learning, machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing.

We tailor these solutions to your needs, leveraging both on-premises and cloud infrastructure while leveraging the latest AI tools and methodologies to create practical applications that provide the insights needed to enhance customer experiences, accelerate product lifecycles, improve resource allocation, and increase operating efficiencies.

Our Offerings
Image & Video Analytics
Image & Video Analytics

Automated identification and labelling of objects from images and videos. Apexon computer vision analytics services allow businesses to develop a Visual Analytics Processing capability that can enable AI and computer vision-based programs to extract meaningful information from images and videos in near and real-time

Personalized Data Analysis Workbenches
Personalized Data Analysis Workbenches

Data discovery, wrangling, model-building, model management, model consumption, visualization and workflow management in an integrated platform to accelerate the data science lifecycle.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Identify key insights from unstructured data. Use NLP algorithms to provide smart and self-learning systems that can extract information and insights contained in the NLP system as well as categorize and organize the systems themselves.

Forecasting & Optimization Models
Forecasting & Optimization Models

Forecast and predict opportunities, customer behavior as well as financial, economic, and market risks of future unknown events, by applying statistical algorithms to historical data.

Cloud AI/ML Services
Cloud AI/ML Services

Accelerating and managing ML model development and deployment lifecycles, using real-time and batch data processing AI/ML use cases and various cloud machine learning features like AutoML, hyperparameter optimization, cloud-based cognitive, bot services and MLOps techniques.

Cloud AI/ML Services
Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection is a way of discovering outliers in a collection; objects that do not belong there. The significance of anomaly detection derives from the concept that data anomalies translate to substantial (and frequently crucial) actionable information in a wide range of application fields. As more organizations go digital, it’s critical to put in place systems that not only allow you to examine your data after the event, but also foresee and detect abnormalities and new patterns that are necessary for turning data into useful information


Advanced Analytics for Deep Business Insights

Better, More Informed Decision-Making
Better, More Informed Decision-Making

As a result of more manageable data and more timely access to critical data.

Faster Data & Operational Speed
Faster Data & Operational Speed

Feed better data quality into business workflows and gain a more accurate understanding of actual operational performance

Operational Efficiency and Value
Operational Efficiency and Value

Free up data scientists to work on higher-value analytics activities instead of dealing with the complexities of DevOps and data engineering.

Improved User Experiences
Improved User Experiences

Detailed SLA analytics highlight gaps in customer service and support.

Advanced analytics services for INCREASED COMPLIANCE, REDUCED COSTS
Increased Compliance, Reduced Costs

Identify and prevent potential legal issues and fines before they become a problem – especially in highly regulated industries like healthcare and financial services.

Lower TCO for Data Management

Via more automated systems, reduced storage requirements, and application/service licensing.

Future Innovation, Competitive Advantage
Future Innovation, Competitive Advantage

Predictive analytics provide insights into emerging trends, focusing future development and innovation initiatives.

Our methodology

how we do it



Apexon can accelerate your time-to-market and increase your agility with our comprehensive suite of AWS offerings. Industry-best standards and AWS-guided design patterns drive our AWS cloud solutions. In addition, we adhere to a disciplined continuous review process with experienced and talented AWS-Certified resources.


Our partnership with Azure helps organizations move to cloud at speed, increasing application availability, technical flexibility, and security improvements.


Monetize your data with the help of Apexon’s end-to-end migration and implementation services for Snowflake Data Cloud. Apexon offers end-to-end migration and implementation services for Snowflake Data Cloud, including design, data preparation, re-platforming, and performance optimization.

Why Apexon

Deep Data Analytics

20+ years of team experience in delivering large, multi-tenant, heterogeneous enterprise data assets, including ML/AI platforms.

A Structured
Methodology – M4

We use a proven, predictable and consistent methodology to guide the data modernization process, developed from decades of data and information management experience.

Data Principles

We apply the foundational principles of data, or “The 4 C’s” – to every data analytics engagement: Curate, Catalog, Context, and Consume. These four principles are critical for every organization to get their data analytics initiatives right.

Increased Adoption
of Data Solutions

Our visual storyboards give deep insights into customer behaviour for a more personalized customer experience.