Ambulance coding solutions

the challenge

Getting Those Vital Statistics Up

Ambulance coding has a unique style that is not found in the Current Procedural Terminology codebook. Instead, coding guidelines are provided for Medicare transmittals and MedLearn updates. This makes ambulance coding expensive and necessitates regular skill enhancement. In addition, audits by the Office of Inspector General and the Recovery Audit Contractor require that codes be submitted correctly right the first time and every time.

Coder turnover and a shortage of full-time coders exacerbates the problem and creates significant peaks and valleys in the EMS revenue cycle management process directly impacting costs and profits.

Assisted coding and audit solution

What we do


ApexEMS is a machine learning-based assisted coding and audit solution designed to address these challenges in a highly cost-effective and secure way, while ensuring the highest quality standards. The tool can be used for assisted coding or assisted auditing and customized as per deployment ease. ApexEMS currently processes up to 1.5M trip notes every year.


Increased Efficiency in Your EMS Enterprise

ApexEMS will improve the productivity of your EMS coders, as well as the quality and compliance rates of the generated claims, with

reduction in turn-around time
reduction in claim denials
reduction in appeals
reduction in audit efforts
reduction in costs
reduction in coding problems

Our approach

Self-Tuning Machine Learning

ApexEMS uses self-tuning ML techniques, especially in coding for ICD 10. The platform’s driverless AI automatically senses inaccuracies and re-adjusts for finer precision.

Key capabilities include:

Standard EMS data mart

Standard EMS Data Mart

Extract data from trip notes in PDF, XML, ASCII, or text format and get it cleaned at individual file level before an NLP engine synthesizes the information for billing, audit, and compliance with reasons generated using Explainable AI.

Customizable Platform

Customizable Platform

Set rules depending on the client’s or state-defined configurations to input your information and view it the way you need to for maximum accuracy. Use ApexEMS to supplement your coding efforts or push codes directly to the audit.

Auto-generate codes

Auto-generate Codes

ApexEMS hosts all industry-leading ePCR formats – NEMSIS 2, 3, and leading PDF-based trip note formats – to automatically generate EMS codes such as MN (Medical Necessity), Pr (Priority), LOS (Level of Service), and ICD (International Classification of Disease).

User-friendly UI

User-Friendly UI

The cloud-based solution enables secure access to EMS data anytime, anywhere. Users can view the entire summary before processing data on a user-friendly interface that requires zero training and minimal IT support.

ApexEMS in Action

An EMS Firm Makes Coding and Processing Time 4x Faster

ApexEMS helped create an API-enabled web application to automate their coding processes to deliver 95% accuracy and 4x faster processing time.

An EMS Firm Recovers More than 50% Savings in FTE

ApexEMS helped automate their claims generation process reducing their audit efforts by 50% while improving overall quality and accuracy.