Accelerated futuristic innovations through co-creation

Forward-thinking solutions encompassing technology consulting, core engineering, and full-scale integration capabilities

Digital Strategy & Design services driven by design studios & Lab-as-a-Services

Industry compliant engineering solutions

Proven industry use cases for turbocharging innovation


High-tech sector witnesses a rapid pace of innovation and disruptive business and operating models. Thus, high-tech enterprises need a high level of digital maturity to deal with the complexity of managing innovation, engineering, and regulatory compliance. Additionally, multi-layered, AI/ML-led and cloud-based architecture and dynamic development cycles are further adding to the intricacies and directly contributing to cost reduction and revenue increase.

This accelerated innovation, coupled with a focus on as-a-service models and ecosystem play, requires a high level of expertise to keep the costs in check and meet the stringent development lead times while adopting cutting-edge technologies and platforms that increase value of business contracts.

The Expertise We Offer

With services across the entire product development spectrum encompassing product engineering and design, market-leading IP/framework portfolio, and ecosystem alliances, Apexon acts as a transformation catalyst in the high-tech space. It partners with the world’s most innovative software companies to help drive next-gen solutions for today’s largest technological challenges.

Lab-Driven Technology Advisory & Incubation
Lab-Driven Technology
Advisory & Incubation

Business outcome driven Agile transformations leveraging design studios and our Lab-as-a-Services to open new revenue streams and optimize operations​

Embedded Engineering

Software and firmware development services encompassing chip level programming, CODEC development services solutions for accelerated system architecture design, and deploying technologies in an embedded environment compliant to global standards

Firmware Development

Apexon offers firmware development using industry best practices for smart devices equipped with different types of sensors. We develop CODECs to digitize analog inputs and deploy digital signal processors (DSPs) and microcontrollers to feed the digital information back to real-world applications

Platform Engineering

Services and solution led by cloud-native technologies; containers and microservices aimed at developing, modernizing, and maintaining applications for business decision-making and monetization; and proven partnerships with AWS, GCP, and Azure to help navigate through digitalization efforts

Device Testing & Intelligent Automation Services
Device Testing & Intelligent
Automation Services

Apexon designs test frameworks for handling end-to-end testing of devices and managing all the firmware builds cutting across various flavors and models working in parallel with multiple OEM partners. It also leverages it partnerships with leading RPA vendors such as Automation Anywhere, UiPath, and Microsoft for test automation

CX Transformation Services
CX Transformation

Micro front ends and low-code, no-code services and solutions from our leading partners such as Salesforce, Unqork, and Microsoft to better serve and grow customer base

Electric Charging Software Platforms
Electric Charging
Software Platforms

Apexon offers electric charging expertise and capabilities to monitor and maintain electrification platforms

IoT/Wireless RF
Wireless RF

Apexon offers expertise in stack-level development for RF protocols as well as machine vision, vision analytics, and healthcare wearables

Data Engineering

Extensible data, advanced analytics, and AI/ML-solutions and services for a wide variety of high-tech use cases such as Sustainability analytics- ‘What’s the energy utilization of a device?’, ‘Which device will fail faster’?

Proven High-tech Solutions for Turbocharging Innovation

Apexon is empowering some of the world’s largest high-tech firms to embrace industry 4.0 with distinct digital capabilities.

Remote Device Management

Apexon RDMP framework enables manufacturers/OEMs to track events at each layer of the automobile and manufacturing ecosystem ensuring vehicle, driver, and plants operate safely; alerts on performance issues; and scalability to troubleshoot issues for quick resolution

Astute AI Testing Suite

Apexon’s AI-powered quality engineering suite, comprised of intelligent testing services and BOTs leverage advanced machine learning techniques for device testing and app testing to predict risk for areas and test case failure probability, resulting in reduced test efforts by at least 35%

Churn Prediction

Apexon offers approaches to combat customer churn to retarget consumers based on their propensity to churn or to return to the platform with retargeting campaigns and retention offers

Lifetime Value Modelling

Apexon offers a data-driven, personalized approach to customer value management to help media and entertainment organizations acquire subscribers profitably and keep them engaged