Customer Spotlight – Basis

VP of Software Engineering on working with us

Yeah. I’m John Marshall. I’m the head of Software Engineering for Basis Science, an Intel Company. We make an advanced wearable activity tracker called the Basis Peak, which measures heart rate and other vital signs in order to give you a picture of your health and help users become healthier and more fit in their daily lives.

Experience with Apexon

You know I have to say it’s really good. It’s been sort of a relief to have a team that we could hand off a lot of automation work to and see it get delivered. I have to say that the people we’ve brought in, both onsite and offsite, have really stepped up and been a part of our team. And, I guess the keyword is that they’ve delivered. They’ve delivered on what was expected and what we’ve needed and we’re very happy so far.

Association with Apexon

I have to say the most impressive aspect is the integration with our team. I always assumed that when we brought Apexon in we would get good work. But, the way that the individuals on site have really become a part of our team has made it really easy to work with on a day-to-day basis.

Key Benefits

First, I would say it’s very professional. Everything, every interaction has been very professional both in the account level and the individual team level. I think it’s also been timely. I think things are delivered when we need them. I think it’s provided a really good benefit to our team to be working with Apexon. And, the last thing I’ll say is it’s positive. Everyone comes in with such a positive attitude, all the time. It really makes it easy to work with. There’s none of the challenges that you sometimes get with working with others where they don’t mesh. They really feel like they’re part of our team.

Key Benefits

The number one benefit that tipped us in Apexon’s favor at the beginning still holds very much true. And, that’s that we’re building an automation platform. And, at the end of the day we wanted to make sure that we still had enough of the ownership and ability to extend that platform over the life of the engagement and then past that engagement. And, having that flexibility and having that ability to look at what our needs were really set Apexon apart.