ApexED Accelerating Audit and Claim Generation

the challenge

Accelerating Auditing and Claim Generation

Emergency department coders have a crucial role to play in coding physician notes for billing. This information goes into insurance claims which require accurate entries. In fact, most emergency department enterprises have to meet a 95% threshold of quality across all sites. However, manual entries and audits can’t stand up to the consistent mathematical rigor and compliance expected of these departments.

AI-Powered Revenue Cycle Management Platform

What we do


ApexED is an AI-powered revenue cycle management platform that can automate your coding and auditing for more accurate and efficient billing. ApexED uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to enhance the efforts of your emergency department coders, predict errors, and prioritize claims based on costs. This can boost claim accuracy, maximize ROI, and improve overall patient care.


Free up resources to focus on healthcare

ApexED automates coding and auditing processes for better accuracy and increased productivity

reduction in audit time
improvement in coder productivity
reduction in coding errors and denials
improvement in accuracy of monthly cash projections

Our approach

Automated Coding for Value at Speed

ApexED’s predictive and data classification machine learning models drive efficiencies across emergency department operations.

Key capabilities include:

Automated coding

Automated Coding

Automatically code files in PDF, HL7, Excel or TIFF formats for Level of Service (LOS), Evaluation & Management (E&M) levels, International Classification of Diseases (ICD), and Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes.

Automatically predicts claim errors

Quality Assured

Automatically predicts claim errors due to mistakes in chart entries or those that may be denied.

Integrate clinical, financial, and operational data

Better Collections

Integrate clinical, financial, and operational data to pinpoint acuity shifts where inaccurate coding may lower collection values using advanced analytics in our SensER solution.

Automated dashboard reporting

Analytics-Driven Dashboard

Drive productivity through clinical, operational, and financial KPIs. Get automated dashboard reporting on anomalous trends for physicians to review and make adjustments on the go for up to 100 KPIs.

ApexED in Action

ED Company Leverages Automation to Improve Audit Efforts by 50%

ApexED helped an emergency department company automate their coding and billing operations, streamline their workflows, and bring in savings of 40% in FTE, and 60% in training costs.

US-based Physicians Group Improves ROI by 6X

ApexED helped a large physicians group use deep learning models to improve error identification by 3x and reduce financial leakage by 40%.