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ECommerce Enablement

Choose the right platform and the necessary tools to support online sales and transactions

Adopt incredible digital commerce transformation possibilities

the challenge

touting large-scale e-commerce led digital transformation

Enterprises over the world are touting large-scale e-commerce led digital transformation as the foundation for a business transformation. However, to make enterprises scalable, agile and future-ready, they need guidance on selecting the right platform, tools and partners for ensuring enhanced customer experience.

What we do

Delivering the simplicity of an agile business model

Today’s Digital Commerce channels are bound to evolve. Brands and enterprises are responsible for everything customers see about their products across channels and geographies. Apexon helps them deliver e-commerce platform ecosystem with the simplicity of an agile business model so companies can sell everywhere.

Our Offerings
END-TO-END ECommerce Enablement services

Our eCommerce Enablement services include:

Technology Consulting
Technology Consulting

Apexon’s Technology Consulting services help customers find new pathways to growth through a systematic approach to designing, launching, and scaling their ecommerce solutions. Our approach drives business growth, reduces operational costs, and maximizes return on eCommerce and CX investments.

B2C Commerce
B2C Commerce

Apexon creates customer experience solutions that allow businesses to reach, connect and convert their audiences into customers. With a set of tools structured towards measurable metrics and impact, our technology solutions enhance customer engagement while also providing for exponential expansion.

B2B Commerce
B2B Commerce

Apexon’s B2B commerce platform and services help B2B businesses increase online revenue growth and optimize their overall operations. We optimize daily B2B functions, empower sales team, enable more digital channels, and boost conversion rates with our digital design and development capabilities. The Apexon B2B solutions leverage best of breed platforms such as Salesforce, Optimizely, Magento, Oracle CX, etc. We make these solutions easy to use, and tailored to each business’s unique needs.

Mobile Commerce
Mobile Commerce

Apexon develops and implements mobile apps, unpacking continuous collaborations and innovative extensions. The hardware and software are brought together to allow robust security protocols and reduced expenses. We ensure enhanced workplace experiences and convenience, complete with a business-first approach that takes in all your requirements.

Content & Experience
Content & Experience

We combine our deep eCommerce knowledge with our platform expertise, to help clients reimagine how content can be integrated with their commerce store to enhance engagement. We unify interfaces to minimize friction, and streamline cross-channel initiatives to keep customers coming back.


Enabling holistic Digital Commerce ecosystem

Apexon’s Digital Commerce Platform Enablement Services deliver significant business advantages:

Build a connected Digital commerce foundation

Manage complexity and risk through a modular and flexible architecture

Ensure interoperability and ease of integration across various best of breed software platforms

Provide scalability to support an omnichannel buying experience for consumers and customers

Key Partnerships

Why Apexon

At Apexon, we understand that the best service comes from creating a tailored solution that meets the exact needs of our clients.

Our service-driven model optimizes your multi-sourced environment to create a customer-led perspective that supports holistic growth. We use a structured and tailored approach to ensure that your key differentiators are at the forefront of our services. We also track the core user at each gateway and touchpoint to accentuate chances of conversion. With Apexon, you can be sure that your exact needs will be met through a tailored solution.

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