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eCommerce content and experience transformation services
We build customer connections through digital evolution

Digital commerce content and experience services
the challenge

Today’s customers expect rich and efficient experiences that value their time & resources

In the digital age, businesses must be able to deliver exceptional experiences that meet customer expectations and provide value. From easy access to the specific content they need and convenient payment options and personalized customer service, businesses must deliver experiences that are rich, efficient and satisfying. This requires content, technology and services that are tailored to the customer, allowing deeper connections and experiences that exceed expectations.

Digital Commerce Experience Transformation
What we do

Enhance Your Brand with Digital Content & Experience

Your brand is a culmination of all of your customers’ experiences across the physical and digital spectrum. At Apexon, we innovate a bridge between design principles and behavioral insights to create meaningful interactions that enhance user engagement and brand recall.

Apexon humanizes your commerce experience by transforming the touchpoints that deliver customer engagement. Technological advancements are leveraged against business needs to roll out a customer journey that aligns with their needs and natural preferences.

We close content gaps, improve cost efficiency, and reinvent the front-facing products to ultimately deliver a competitive advantage for all your endeavors.

Our Offerings
END-TO-END digital commerce services

Our Digital Commerce Content & Experience services include:

eCommerce Platform Selection
  • Platform selection based on your business model
  • Social media integrations that allow operation across multiple platforms
  • Modern payment processing options and integrations that reduce costs
  • Tailoring the platform to ensure your users can quickly and easily manage products, offerings, and business logic

Digital commerce implementation services
  • Experimentation and testing without expensive IT teams
  • Lower OpEx, higher margins
  • Growth of recurring revenue models
  • Expansion into new markets
  • Leverage of customer data to generate new revenues
  • Optimized omni-channel experiences tailored to the individual customer

eCommerce SEO and conversion rate optimization
  • Optimized site structure and content strategy
  • Use of in-depth experience analytics to provide key business insights, optimize content and engagement and increase conversion rates
  • SEO best practices to ensure consistent site traffic
  • Analyze competition to ensure you’re at the top of your category


Business Success with our Content & Experience Services

Apexon’s Digital Commerce Content and Experience services deliver significant business advantages:

  • Intuitive and engaging interactions that differentiate your business and brand
  • Increased conversion rates and improved customer retention
  • Comprehensive web, digital asset, and commerce management
  • Personalization via user customization and recommendations
  • Connected strategies for synergistic improvements
  • Data-driven strategies for improvement

  • Enhanced self-service capabilities for users
  • Proven support methodology and global delivery model
  • Flexible and skilled on-demand resources
  • Seamless collaboration with vendor product and support teams

  • Experienced platform implementation
  • Frictionless and engaging online commerce solutions
  • Complimentary warranty

Our methodology

how we do it

Key Partnerships

Why Apexon

Apexon has proven success helping businesses optimize their digital commerce experiences in both B2B and B2C environments.

We design, deliver and fine-tune effective customer experiences from strategy and customer journey mapping through experience design, engineering and optimization.

Expertise with the leading B2B and B2C commerce platforms

Expertise with the leading B2B and B2C commerce platforms including Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Optimizely Episerver, Oracle Cloud Commerce and Magento Commerce

Extensive experience in eCommerce

Extensive experience in eCommerce and platform development

Unified interfaces to make commerce initiatives faster

Ability to provide unified interfaces to make commerce initiatives faster, easier and more impactful

Effective way to integrate content into your store

Expertise to identify the most effective way to integrate content into your store

Expert global resources deployed

Expert global resources deployed to support clients faster and more efficiently

Proven support methodology

Proven support

100% successful customer delivery

100% successful
customer delivery

6,000+ digital experts

6,000+ digital experts

Optimized support costs

Optimized support costs

Complimentary warranty

Complimentary warranty

customer testimonials

“Apexon has been our partner on our eCommerce site since 2017. From the beginning, the Apexon team has provided the development expertise to guide us through site improvements and worked tirelessly to execute on each task flawlessly. They have taken complete ownership of every project . . .and have been able to clearly communicate with and lead multiple stakeholders. Their “can-do” attitude is unparalleled.”

Carol Kim Vice President of Ecommerce, Aerin