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Benefits of Social Login in eCommerce

Benefits of Social Login in eCommerce

Few days ago Vikram was searching for sunglass on e-commerce websites. He found that the product was available on three e-commerce sites having the same price and specifications. Vikram selec[starlist][/starlist]ted the site at which he was already a registered user.

While checking out from the shopping cart on the site, it asked him to login but the forgetful Vikram didn’t remember his username and password, so he had to abandon the order and switch to another site. The next site was forcing him to create an account but he refrained from doing so know it’s time consuming. He then visited the another site. This site  asked him to login or create an account or login via social media account. He logged with a single click using social media account and completed checkout. Voila!!

When you own an e-commerce website, you put all your efforts to develop the best design, writing blogs and running campaigns to drive traffic to your site. This is not helpful if conversion rates are low. Social media login can play an important role to increase conversion rates.

“The value of social login” by Janrain and Blue Research and  “Social login trends across web” by Jamie Beckland states that over 80% i.e 4 out of 5 consumers preferred not to create a new account on websites because of tedious and long registration forms. Also, new registration would mean a new Username and Password creation. This creates an overhead for the consumer to remember another Username and Password, in other words “account fatigue”. Also, consumers are concerned about their data privacy.

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Is social login right for e-commerce?

Why traditional registration bother consumers?

Businesses wants user’s profile data along with interest and other question which helps them to identify consumers interest and also to communicate meaningful and authentic dialogues with consumers. This leads to long-form content in registration. But is it user-friendly?

The traditional tedious registration is a time consuming activity. Typically most consumers are busy and don’t have time to fill all the form fields. In fact, consumers may actually leave a site and go to another rather than filing multiple text fields just to create an account. Even when people do Register, they may lie about their details. 88% of users admit to entering incomplete or incorrect data on registration forms”. This may be the reason why 98% consumers get mis-targeted.

Why consumers have account fatigues?

Account fatigue is the tiredness or frustration to remember an excessive number of usernames and passwords on a daily basis. How many different usernames and passwords have you created? As per studies an average user has more than 5 usernames and passwords and over 75% of consumers are frustrated with the fact that they have to always remember their password. Also, passwords discourages over 58% of consumers to sign up for the new account. Even though they create an account, many of them forget their login information and 92% abandoned the website rather than resetting or recovering login information ( 1 of 3 consumers frequently abandoned the website on forgetting passwords).

What if I told you that integrating social login into your website is the best solution for the above mentioned issue. Let’s see how Social Login delivers value to your site, in more detail.

Social login trend across web and mobile

Social login is Single Sign-On (SSO) technology that consumer used to authenticate them self on different websites and application using their existing social media account instead of creating a separate login id and password on each website and application. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google are most commonly associated with social login. Social login grants permission-based access to profile data along with some basic information that a social network allows you to retrieve without user permission that can be used to personalize user’s experience So you get more detailed and reliable data that can help you to take better marketing decisions.

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According to a research published by WebHostingBuzz, “77% of users believe social login is a good registration solution and should be offered by any website”. Consumers are getting increasingly familiar with social login. Over 87% of consumers are aware of social login and 52% have used social login for registration and login processes on websites and applications. Almost half (43%) of people use social login because they don’t want to spend time registering for the new site. 60% of consumers agree that companies offering social login are more up-to-date and innovative, leaving a positive impression compared with sites that don’t.

As we know consumers are sharing their genuine profile data with social sites. This will eliminate sending of mis-targeted product and promotional content to genuine customers. More than half of consumers find site personalization around content and product recommendation of significant interest. This personalized experience to consumers matters to business, consumers can start sharing their experience on social networks. These can be tweets, posts or other forms of social media updates. We often click on links and/or navigate to websites after friends on social network mention or suggest visiting them. So more the consumers share, more traffic and referrals towards your site while be generated. This can increase your revenue. Consumers also like a website that automatically welcomes them through social login.

The registration/login is always an extra step and extra potential for things going wrong in checkout, either user errors or site errors. Social login is the perfect solution for registration/login, which help you acquire, understand and engage your customers. It also delivers value both to consumers and business.

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