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Heniff Transportation Delivers Personalized Omnichannel Digital Experience

Heniff Transportation Systems is a proven leader in liquid bulk transportation. As a full-service solution provider, they are focused on transporting customers’ chemicals safely, securely, and on time.

With nearly 100 locations and 2000 drivers strategically placed across the U.S., Heniff provides innovative, full-service supply chain solutions including transportation, tank cleaning, rail transloading, and ISO import/export operations.

As customer and driver demand for more timely information regarding orders, invoices, and travel logs grew, Heniff was looking for a way to provide a one-stop, self-service experience that would streamline interactions and provide both sets of constituents with the data and service they needed, when they needed it. Apexon was engaged to help Heniff better define its solution vision and execute on it by leveraging its existing investments in Salesforce Experience Cloud and Tableau.

  • Leader in liquid bulk transportation

    Leader in liquid bulk transportation

  • 100 locations and 2000 drivers across the us

    Nearly 100 locations and 2000 drivers across the us

  • Integrated freight network

    Integrated freight network with full-service supply chain and logistics solutions

The customer journey
March 2021

May 2021

May 2022

March 2021
  • Defined user experience roadmap for Heniff Customers and Drivers

May 2021
  • Launched Custom-Branded Customer and Driver Experience portals
  • Integrated Systems, Data and Security (Azure AD, On Prem,

May 2022
  • Implemented SSO to simplify access to the Employee Experience Portal

Our methodology

we did it

Apexon works with companies across the digital lifecycle.

Go Digital
Go Digital

Accelerating the delivery of new digital initiatives with confidence

Be digital
Be digital

Creating the infrastructure and foundation to scale digital initiatives

Evolve Digital
Evolve Digital

Leveraging data and analytics to continuously improve digital delivery processes

The challenge

More Timely Data & Information to Enable Customer Self-Service

Heniff’s sales and services team found itself spending a lot of time taking inbound calls on the same types of topics:

Account information from Customer

From Customers Account information, shipment status, invoices, service requests, and information requests

Scheduling, activity/metrics From Drivers

From Drivers Scheduling, activity/metrics related to safety and compensation (i.e., mileage, hours, trips), company updates, and key contacts

Heniff wanted to make this information more readily available online to both groups to better meet their needs and reduce the unnecessary burden on staff.

The company was already using Tableau reporting on a very limited basis and had decided to use Salesforce Experience Cloud to expose its existing Tableau dashboards, which contained a lot of the required information. But they did not have a clear path forward and knew they were only getting limited value out of their Tableau reporting capability.

The Heniff team knew they could do more to support the business and enhance the experience, so they turned to Apexon — to help explore what was possible, to define a plan, and to execute on it. Apexon was selected based on its proven expertise in Salesforce Experience Cloud and Tableau and its value-added ability to expand Heniff’s thinking about how the online experience could be optimized for users.

The solution
Personalized Self-Service Information Access via Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud lets users create branded digital experiences to share information and collaborate with key constituents such as customers, partners, and employees.

Businesses can create multiple sites for different purposes and transition seamlessly between them. Companies use Experience Cloud to connect employees with distributors, resellers, and suppliers, providing answers to common inquiries in one convenient place, and highlighting important news and information. By making key information and connections more accessible, the Experience sites also improve the overall experience users have with the business.


Apexon helped Heniff map out a path forward to take advantage of the capabilities in Salesforce Experience Cloud and Tableau to meet its goals and prioritize those capabilities that would deliver the highest business value. This involved defining the information needs of the different users and laying out a plan for how to address those needs.


Once that roadmap was clearly defined, Apexon designed and developed custom Salesforce Experience sites with Tableau reporting embedded into integrated with Tableau for both customers and drivers. Customers view a Heniff branded website, while drivers view either a Heniff or carrier-branded website.


The implementation included single sign-on access to all the information they need. This greatly streamlines the user experience. Users have instant access to customer embedded Tableau reports using the permission functionality in Salesforce Experience Cloud. There are no decisions or configurations to worry about. Users see the information they need, when they need it.

As a result of the success with the customer and driver experiences, Heniff has worked with Apexon to apply the same type of experience for employees – where they can access all HR policies, employee information, company news and more. Each group has different permissions based on roles, regions, and the different information they need access to.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

  • Custom Tableau reports and dashboards
  • Account information
  • eStat Invoices
  • Shipment tracking
  • Company news
  • Heniff service overview, locations, key contacts
  • Chatter messaging app for communications, rate requests, and case logging
  • Customer support

Driver Experience

Driver Experience

  • Driver onboarding and education
  • Tableau reports and dashboards covering mileage, hours, other key compensation metrics
  • Forms
  • Resource document library
  • Company news
  • Locations and key contacts
  • Chatter messaging app for communications and case logging
  • Customer support

Employee Experience

Employee Experience

  • Customer Tableau reports and dashboards based on role and region
  • HR policies
  • Benefit information
  • Company news
  • Employee support

All submissions and support cases are automatically routed to the appropriate Heniff teams.

Key Outcomes With the Salesforce Experience Sites in place:

Improved Customer Service

Improved Customer Service Sales reps receive an email with their customer’s rate request or support case information upon submission; the appropriate Heniff team receives an email with the specific form or support case information

Custom Customer Experience

Custom Customer Experience Customers can access all platforms, view information about Heniff, submit rate requests, contact their sales reps, and send Chatter messages all from the same site

Custom Driver Experience

Custom Driver Experience Drivers can view reports and dashboards, access resource files, view information about Heniff, contact support, send Chatter messages, and submit photos, referrals, feedback and lease purchases

Improved Employee Experience

Improved Employee Experience The Heniff team manages all data related to and submitted by customers and drivers in Salesforce

Apexon met Heniff where they were in their digital process – leveraging its expertise with Salesforce Experience Cloud and Tableau to help Heniff take full advantage of the comprehensive capabilities in each. Heniff had a vision – and Apexon expanded their thinking about what was possible and executed flawlessly on that vision.