Build & run applications and take full advantage of the cloud computing model

Make the Move to Cloud Engineering Faster

Cloud native is a new approach to building and running software that is optimized for the cloud computing model. It enables you to leverage the latest techniques to speed cycle time and increase agility through effective DevOps.
  • Applications developed in rapid cadence by small, dedicated feature teams
  • Deployed to a platform that offers easy scale-out and eliminates hardware dependencies
  • Offering greater agility, resilience, and portability across clouds

Apexon Cloud Engineering Services

Apexon makes your shift to cloud native easier with end-to-end services, expertise and support that optimize your public and/or private cloud resources to increase development productivity and agility.
  • Decomposition Strategy
  • Data Strategy
  • Execution Model
  • Testing Strategy
  • Security
  • Service Discovery
  • Micro Services
  • Edge Services
  • Deployment Choices
  • DevOps
  • Service Reliability
  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance

AWS Consulting and Advanced Technology Partner

Apexon is part of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN) on both a consulting and technology basis. We leverage our expertise on the AWS platform to help customers take full advantage of all its capabilities and move to cloud native more smoothly.

APN Consulting Partner


As an APN Consulting Partner, the Apexon professional services team has proven its ability to help customers of all sizes design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on AWS.

APN Technology Partner


The Apexon QMetry suite is an Advanced Technology Partner that can be hosted on, or easily integrated with, the AWS platform to help manage testing processes, accelerate test automation, embrace open source, and leverage analytics for more actionable insights.

Hands-On Experience with Leading Enterprise and Open Source Tools

Apexon has extensive, hands on experience with the leading enterprise and open source cloud enablement tools, including

  • kong
  • nagios
  • spring
  • netflix
  • amazon-web-services
  • microsoft-azure

Putting Cloud Engineering to Work

Digital Healthcare

Apexon helped integrate this company’s dev/QA approach for an innovative new wearable / ingestible treatment device and cut its cycle time by 40%. The project included:
  • A BLE Interface connecting patch and wearables to companion mobile devices
  • Mobile companion application for caregivers and patients
  • Rapid development and deployment using DevOps on AWS
  • Serverless Architecture using AWS lambda and API gateways
  • Authentication and message encryption using AWS Cognito
  • Event processing pipeline at very high transaction rates
  • Micro-batch analytics using Spark on EMR

Connected Car

Apexon helped this company integrate the user interface for its connected car platform and open up an entire new revenue channel for its business. The project included:
  • A completely pluggable architecture to consume very high TPS stream data
  • A platform-agnostic approach to enable solution deployment across different cloud vendors
  • The ability for developers to develop new data collectors and seamlessly integrate through CLI
  • Use of “Kafka” as a high-throughput message bus
  • Backup message storage to provide playback capabilities
  • Operational data collection for reporting and fault detection

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