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Elevating UX for The Father’s Table with Web Transformation

The Father’s Table is a privately-owned national dessert company best known for its variety of cheesecakes. Founded in 1998, the company has expanded its offerings over the years to include a variety of sweet treats, food services, and school lunch programs. Half the company’s profits fund The Fathers Table Foundation, their non-profit organization.

As the company had expanded its product offerings, its website had not kept pace, making for a poor user experience and missed sales opportunities. Apexon was engaged to reimagine The Father’s Table website to help better market and sell their available products to both end-customers and brokers.

  • Founded in 1998

  • Privately owned, national dessert manufacturer

  • #1 branded cheesecake in retail in-store bakeries

the Results

Key Outcomes

Increased staff
productivity via better
web management tools

More effective
marketing & sales

Improved user experience
for sales team, brokers,
& end users

Our methodology

we did it

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The challenge

Streamlining the user experience

As The Father’s Table added new products, services, and school lunch programs over time, the website became difficult to navigate. Specific product information was not easily accessible. This created a number of challenges for both the company and its website users, including the heaviest users of the site: the brokers.

Product Visibility Brokers were unable to locate the product information they needed (product images, nutritional and packaging information, etc.) to effectively promote the company’s offerings to their retailers.

Manual Processes Very little could be conducted online, forcing brokers to communicate every single one of their needs and wait for those materials to be delivered to them.

Poor Content Management Capabilities This made it difficult and time intensive for Father’s Table staff to keep the product content up to date, further emphasizing the problems outlined above.

A Lack of Privacy Policies or Terms of Use This created legal issues for the company.

The Solution

A site redesign with an intuitive UI & efficient sales portal

Apexon’s Digital Experience team started by creating a taxonomy and site design for Father’s Table products based on different category types. This made it easier for users to find the exact information they needed.

In addition, a new sales portal gave the sales team and brokers the ability to sign in and download product information such as pictures, labels, and specs from a central location. This eliminated the time spent waiting for product information so they could better serve their retailer customers. It also streamlined the efforts for Father’s Table staff members responding to those requests.

The portal provided the sales team and brokers an easier login process that did not require a VPN to access information, too. This freed up time and eliminated confusion in communication across all departments.

Key highlights of the solution include:

A central online location

A central online location Containing all the product and ordering information required by the Father’s Table sales team, brokers, and end-users

Streamlined content management system

Streamlined content management system enabled Father’s Table staff to easily updated the site at any time with new offerings, product information, and high resolution product images. This also minimized time-sensitive dependencies and freed up staff to spend time on higher-value activities

A more effective marketing & sales presence

A more effective marketing & sales presence Leading to higher sales and profits for Father’s Table

Apexon also added a privacy policy and terms of use to the website, eliminating any legal liabilities.

“We always felt like Apexon’s number one priority. It really made a difference when we would ask questions and no one would hesitate to answer or even offer to talk to someone else. There was always a clear form of communication.”

Adrienne Harmon, Director of Marketing – The Father’s Table