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Modernization of National Furniture Retailer’s Product Display Pages (PDP)

Modernization of National Furniture Retailer’s Product Display Pages (PDP)

The Brief

A national furniture retailer with more than 200 stores that specializes in affordable, modern, and customizable furniture has an incredible e-commerce website. In fact, most of the company’s sales come through its e-commerce website. This, however, poses a problem for their physical stores by putting them in direct competition with their website.

The Challenge

The resulting pain points include: modernizing the Product Description Pages (PDP) and the Category Landing Pages (CLP), and getting customers into the stores to purchase after visiting the website.

The Solution

Apexon’s UX team was recruited to help mitigate these problems. The first step was meeting with the company’s Head of Digital (HD). Together, the team reviewed e-commerce competitor research, digital design files and wire frames of legacy designs.

After researching and analyzing all artifacts, Apexon laid out a work schedule in accordance with the retailer’s digital team road map. The client team and Apexon’s UX team met weekly to review design advancements and generate constant iterations until arriving at the final solution that could easily be applied sitewide.

The Results

The team developed standards, along with the ability to include custom elements, for each product display page, or PDP, for specific products. For example, sofas had its own customized PDP page that allowed users to filter by style, texture, color, etc. This level of customization made it easier for customers to browse and purchase items.

In addition, it also helped to make online shoppers smarter about the product and all the options available, so when they did come into the store, they were more informed about the products and more prepared to make the purchase.

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