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Enhancing Sales Effectiveness While Reducing Technical Debt with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Bulley & Andrews provides cutting-edge construction services centered around innovation, technology, and industry best practices. Its services, which include new construction, renovation, and restoration, have expanded steadily over the last decade, with more than 70% of that coming from repeat customers.

In order to continue expanding its revenues and legacy in the current and future business environment, the firm understood it needed a new sales management system to help it effectively scale the way it tracked opportunities and supported customers. Bulley & Andrews engaged with Apexon to help assess the best path forward and execute on that vision.

  • Chicago's based contractors

    A Chicago-based icon since 1891

  • 425+ dedicated employees

    425+ dedicated employees

  • services include new construction, renovation, and restoration

    $3B worth of work in past decade; 70% repeat clients

the Results

Key Outcomes

15-25% sales productivity increase
customer visibility for
more effective sales

Smarter sales with customer data dashboards
Intuitive, integrated reporting
for better sales management
& customer support

Real-time view of sales pipeline
90% reduction
in technical
debt & rework

Our methodology

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Apexon works with companies across the digital lifecycle.

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Go Digital

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Be digital

Creating the infrastructure and foundation to scale digital initiatives

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Evolve Digital

Leveraging data and analytics to continuously improve digital delivery processes

The challenge

Centralizing data on a single platform

Bulley & Andrews had been following a disciplined documentation process to record all customer interactions and essential data to each project. However, as the customer base and project volume grew, so too did the related information. Data resided on multiple platforms making it more difficult to manage and access. This created a number of difficult challenges:

challenge 1 - Disconnected communication

Disconnected communication Resulting from multiple spreadsheets, software platforms, and notes from in-person meetings.

challenge 2 - Lack of client interaction tracking

Lack of client interaction tracking Improper tracking methods made it difficult to effectively follow up on new leads and provide proper client support.

challenge 3 - Operational inefficiency

Operational inefficiency Too much time was being spent by staff inputting data and creating repetitive communications across team members responsible for documenting project needs, leads, and sales.

The Solution

Implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud

After assessing Bulley & Andrews’ situation and needs, Apexon recommended and deployed Salesforce Sales Cloud to help the firm increase its sales productivity and customer support.

With Salesforce Sales Cloud, Apexon was able to integrate Bulley & Andrews’ current sales process seamlessly into the platform, allowing employees the simplicity and ease of creating their own accounts with related contacts and projects. It also enables team members to view information input by other team members creating a unified experience across the company. Users can create, track, and complete activities for their related projects, too.

Apexon integrated Bulley & Andrews’ new instance of Salesforce with its existing Procore project management software system. Procore is used enterprise-wide to communicate construction drawings, estimates billings, and questions. The integration with Sales Cloud enables users to focus their time on projects rather than redundant administrative tasks and data inputs.

The Sales Cloud implementation also introduced a new structured lead process. Employees can now create leads and document relevant information in the same system of record. Once the lead is qualified, it can seamlessly be converted into an account, contact, and/or project.

The overall impact of the Salesforce Cloud Implementation includes:

Solution - Enterprise-wide visibility

Enterprise-wide visibility

Into the company’s accounts, contacts, present and future projects, and all prospective and current client interactions

solution - Valuable data integration

Valuable data integration

Sales Cloud provides customizable reporting on intuitive dashboards

solution - Eliminated technical debt

Eliminated technical debt

Sale Cloud has reduced redundancies and rework by 90%

A more effective companywide sales effort

A more effective companywide sales effort

Based on better tracking of customer interactions and requirements