Customer Spotlight – Aravo

Sr. Director of QA and Customer Care shares on working with us

Yes, hi. My name is Moira Williams. Aravo Solutions has been around 14 years. We’re a platform by which companies can manage their suppliers. We help companies register new suppliers, keep information up to date, and basically we’re a source of truth for supplier information in the web.

Experience with Apexon

Awesome. I engaged Apexon back in 2009 to take over the quality assurance discipline at Aravo Solutions. A part of that Apexon was already engaged with Aravo to do in config… configurations of Aravo for our customers. So, I’ve been working with Apexon since that time and also expanded that into customer support. And, like I mentioned before Apexon also helps Aravo with configuration as well as QA.

Association with Apexon

When I took over the quality assurance discipline back in 2009 Apexon was already partnered with Aravo to do configuration for our customers. And, I put Apexon through some tests in terms of automation and their testing discipline. And at that point they passed the tests and came on board and was my sole quality assurance provider until now… until today. Apexon – I also took over the Customer Support Department last year and I have a resource through Apexon for support as well.

Most Impressive Traits

So, I would say definitely the most impressive part of working with Apexon is the quality of the people. The ability for you to retain, or hire and retain excellent talent, for over a long period of time. I’ve worked with many other QA partners and other companies and turnover is big issue in the industry. And, Apexon, I’ve been very impressed with Apexon’s ability to keep quality employees.

Top 3 Traits

Skillfulness, the team is very skillful. They do excellent work. Truthfulness, they are brutally honest with me and that’s what I really love about them. And, their flexibility. They’re incredibly flexible. We ask them to change direction and change approach all the time.

Key Benefits

So, some of the key benefits of working with Apexon is obviously you do work for many other customers. So, you have a discipline in quality assurance and so, benefits I get from that is just best practices around test automation and test management. And, basically you’re on the cutting edge of the new brave world of cloud providers and Aravo is sort of in there somewhere and so it’s definitely a good benefit for us.