Customer Spotlight – Comtech TCS

Senior Director of Products talks about PAAS for location-aware applications

Introduction I manage our platforms, a service called Location Studio, which is a location-based services platform. It is geared towards enterprise customers to develop their own location-aware applications. How are you accelerating the digital transformation of your business? Historically, our company was in the business of building turnkey white-label applications for mobile carriers. What we have realized, and what the industry has become aware over the last few years, is that business is going away. It’s hard to compete against free with Apple and Google and them giving away location services. What we’re doing now is transforming ourselves from an application developer into a platform- as-a-service provider. We are enabling others to get that location awareness built into their applications through our location platform; allowing others to take advantage of our intelligence and what we’ve built and put that into their own applications. What did you enjoy most about your experience with Apexon? I’ve used Apexon extensively for over 10 years. What I have always found with Apexon is when I need somebody that can come in and actually help me create something — not just be hired guns — but actually help me create and envision and design something new, they can do it. Apexon has always excelled at that and they’ve been just a great company to work with; to help us transform this, and create this whole new digital platform – our location studio platform. Describe Apexon in one word? The first word that comes to mind is Manish Mistry, who I have worked with at Apexon for over 10 years. But the real word that comes to mind is actually intelligence because I view Apexon not just as an outsourcing company but as somebody I can go to as an intelligent partner to help me create new value and add new dimensions to my products. Not just some fingers on a keyboard that are just going to find out some code for me. They actually can bring intelligence to the conversation and help us create new things. What were the key benefits? Apexon has helped us accelerate numerous products. They have helped us engage with several customers, with prototypes, with products. They have helped us get much further than where we could have by ourselves in transforming from an application provider to creating a digital platform for location services.