Customer Spotlight – DailyUse

CTO shares his thoughts on the mobile payment industry

My name is Eivind Benum and I’m the CTO and founder of Daily Use.

Are you seeing any transformation in your industry?

What I see in the European market is that the income to the bank will decrease and that means that the bank and the other added value to have new incomes in the future.

How are you connected to Apexon?

I was connected by Apexon by Facebook, to be honest. And, I was contacted by some employees from India and I had my first meeting at the Apexon office in Santa Clara. Then, we started to work together. We have been working in the mobile payment wallet solution together with Apexon. And, we also have been working with integration to wallet manager and of course, also, the infrastructure system delivered from Obeture.

Benefits of working with Apexon?

Yes, I have learned a lot regarding how to work out one solution. And, we also have learned a lot together by our integration to infrastructure for mobile payment.