Partnering for Testing Succes – Atos

Global Head of Testing shares his experience working with us

I’m Julien Bensaid. I’m Global Head of Testing with Atos. Atos is a global system integrator consultancy managed services company headquartered in Europe and approximately 90,000 employees.

Experience with Apexon

So, Apexon, the thing about the last mile; taking on the hardest 20 percent of any task or initiative which you see not just in the offerings, but also in their behavior. And, I’ve seen this right from the CEO down to the guys and girls on the work floor in the delivery centers and every layer in between. Actually, there’s not a lot of layers to speak of as they’ve been able to maintain a sort of a global village feel about the company despite the considerable growth since we’ve been associated with them. So, in short our experience has been nothing short of positive.

Association with Apexon

Well, it’s a natural fit at many levels starting with geography. Atos is a global company and the Apexon is a company with a global reach. Atos is headquartered in Europe; Apexon is based in the U.S. But, we recognize serious growth potential in each other’s backyards. Geography is perhaps a little misleading. It’s not just location, but it’s also culture. So, we help each other understand the culture of our own backyards. Apexon helps Atos, the testing practice at least, understand the culture of the U.S. market, the dynamics that are involved. And, Atos coaches Apexon with the intricacies of the diversified European market.

Future of this Partnership with Atos’ Growth in Mobility

As another level there is medial passion for innovation. You can pay lip service to innovation or you can take it really seriously. Atos and Apexon take it really seriously and we are continuously surprised by the deep quality of the mobile testing innovations that Apexon comes up with time and time again. Smart mobility and testing are both key areas for Atos and Apexon and thus we see in the current, cultural fit in collaboration as an ongoing source of growth in both companies. Mobile is booming and as a system integrator Atos is able to not just service discreet demands from the market. But, also combine our capabilities and offer holistic, end to end services for the largely informed, by cutting edge technology and to main specific assets.

Apexon brings a considerable amount to the table in the mobile and the mobile QA testing space. So, we foresee our partnership as an integral part of each of our growth going forward.

Recommendations to Apexon as it expands into Mobile and Beyond.

Three recommendations. Well, keep those fantastic innovations coming, stick to your core strengths, and as you approach a thousand employees try not to lose your current fantastic mindset.