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A Day in the Life of Nicole Taylor: Salesforce Business Analyst

A Day in the Life of Nicole Taylor: Salesforce Business Analyst

As a Senior Business Analyst on the Salesforce team, I work with clients to improve their business processes and develop custom solutions to fit their unique needs. These solutions translate into software development and configuration that we implement in Salesforce to simplify business operations for all of our clients.

If you are looking to expand your skill set by producing technical solutions to overcome business challenges, you may be interested in bringing your talents to Apexon’s fast paced and exciting work environment.

Read on for more insight into what it’s like to work here as a Salesforce Business Analyst.

My Daily Schedule

My day-to-day schedule depends on the project and the type of Salesforce implementation that I’m engaged in. My mornings typically start off by meeting with my team and discussing our plan for the day. This is a great time to focus on our client needs, stay aligned with the team and plan our action items.

We then hold a daily scrum call with our clients which includes discovery sessions, demos of our current configuration, any change requests, and a Q&A session. We interact with our clients daily to ensure we are building the best solution for today, and one that is also scalable for the future.

My Favorite Part of the Day: Providing Unique Solutions

I love being able to meet new people, engage with our clients, and learn all about their unique business processes. Connecting with others is essential in this day and age and fortunately, we can engage with clients virtually when we are unable to meet in person.

I enjoy providing enhanced CRM and user experiences which gives our clients the tools they need to focus on selling, instead of the software. I love that I am continually challenged in my role to always think outside the box. It is wonderful when a solution is met with excitement by a client. The team that I work with is amazing, they are completely dedicated to our Salesforce practice and are vital in delivering a top-notch product every time.

The Apexon Difference – The Excitement of Growth

My position within this organization allows me to grow personally and professionally. It’s important for me to feel connected in my personal life and career. Our Salesforce team and our company, as a whole, are always focused on delivering their very best all of the time. There are a lot of growth opportunities within our Salesforce practice and our company.

My Biggest Tip for Getting Into This Role – Set Appropriate Goals

Define your path for the next several years of your career. Evaluate where you see yourself down the road and whether you want to focus on a more technical role or a project management role.

It’s important to hone your skills, determine if you need additional training or certifications, connect with mentors or like-minded colleagues, utilize tools such as LinkedIn to join groups that are important to you and your career goals, and last but not least – always have confidence in yourself and you will shine!

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