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Accelerating Digital Transformation
in Agile and DevOps Environments
Using Continuous Testing
Tricentis’ real-time Continuous Testing platform

Tricentis’ real-time Continuous Testing platform, Tosca, and test management solution, qTest, enable enterprise delivery teams to keep pace with Agile and DevOps and ensure that their software delivers the experience that end-users demand.

Tricentis’ risk-based testing, exploratory testing, model-based automation, service virtualization and test data management features help companies operationalize test automation and simplify the testing of modern enterprise applications. The company is recognized as the Continuous Testing leader in both the Forrester Wave and the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Apexon & tricentis

putting Agile & DevOps to
work in the enterprise

90%+ Test Automation Rates
90%+ Test
Automation Rates
Reduced Regression Testing from weeks to minutes
Reduced Regression Testing
from weeks to minutes
50% Reduction in Testing Cycle Time
50% Reduction in
Testing Cycle Time
Our partnership

agility & speed

In the current world of digital, Agile and DevOps, a traditional approach to software delivery no longer pertains. Dev & Test teams are under immense pressure to deliver quality products at speed. This is especially true with enterprise implementations of leading applications that involve a highly complex digital ecosystem. Custom configurations, integrations and workflows create very challenging testing and QA scenarios that require considerable expertise. In response, enterprises are embracing continuous delivery models and “continuous testing” is becoming the new norm for QA teams.

Apexon combines its deep digital engineering capabilities with Tricentis’ Tosca and qTest to deliver on all your enterprise testing and QA requirements. Leveraging the Tricentis solutions with our intelligent continuous testing services and methodologies, we can enable complete automation to simplify testing and speed cycle time for new digital services.

agility & speed
Working together

market-leading capabilities with expert resources

We combine market-leading continuous testing and automation capabilities with expert resources using the latest QE principles and best practices.

With the Apexon and Tricentis partnership, the result is minimized risk, faster cycle time, and maximum ROI from your quality efforts.

9Salesforce Testing with Tricentis Tosca
Salesforce Testing with Tricentis Tosca

Salesforce testing can be especially complex because of its complex ecosystem. The Apexon Service Team can help you leverage all the capabilities of the Tricentis Tosca platform to fully automate your Salesforce environment and save your team hundreds of hours of test case creation and maintenance by:

  • Integrating Salesforce QA with CI/CD
  • Executing automated tests as part of the Salesforce delivery pipeline
  • Getting continuous feedback on each release
  • Taking advantage of Tosca’s AI and machine learning for intelligent testing
  • Getting 360-degree test coverage from planning through continuous testing support
tricentis working together
Test Management with Tricentis qTest

Tricentis qTest is proven to help prioritize software quality, develop more reliable code and increase speed to market for enterprise delivery teams. Apexon can help you take full advantage of this powerful tool by:

  • Unifying and organizing testing efforts across the organization
  • Centralizing and scaling your automation strategies
  • Enhancing visibility to QA issues
  • Integrating testing into Agile and DevOps workflows
  • Test left shifting to release higher quality software, faster