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Life Sciences Company Migrates SharePoint with 40% Cost Savings

Upgrading a collaborative system like Microsoft SharePoint to a website-based system across various work sites is a complex task.

The customer, which is a Life Science Company, used the application’s portals for document management and collaboration with internal and external vendors, the latter of which constituted 70% of the traffic across 5,600 sites. The customer wanted to upgrade the system but was concerned about scalability and cost escalation in providing Office365 licenses to external users.

the Results

Key Outcomes

The two-step approach to the solution enabled Apexon to deliver a variety of benefits to the customer:

Collaboration was improved through integrations to Microsoft Teams & other internal systems

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In-place migration to the latest version with content Database detach-attach method saved 40% of migration costs

The migration of around 5,600 sites with 14 TB of data was completed in just 6 months

User experience was enhanced with a modern UI

Security was enhanced with conditional access to unsecured devices

The migration had near-zero downtime

The challenge

3 key areas

The customer’s existing infrastructure posed various challenges:

User Experience

User Experience User experience affected by legacy systems, especially because of a lack of search functionality as well as slow and unresponsive pages

Security Risks

Security Risks Security risks posed by end of support for SharePoint 2010

Loss of Productivity

Loss of Productivity Loss of productivity resulting from a lack of integration systems

The Solution

4 key areas

After assessing the readiness and strength of the customer’s existing systems, Apexon proposed a multi-dimensional solution:

two-step approach

two-step approach In a two-step approach, the environment will be moved to the SharePoint 2016 on-premise version in Phase 1. It will eventually move to SharePoint Online in Phase 2

Accelerators & Methods

Accelerators & Methods Using proprietary accelerators and used content database detach-attach method, we reduced the time taken and cost of migration for the project

Reduced Technical Debt

Reduced Technical Debt We reduced technical debt using a rationalization of the sites based on usage, as well as customizations to the sites and users

Integrating Systems

Integrating Systems By integrating with Microsoft Teams and other third party systems, we helped improve collaboration and team productivity


Archiving By archiving 20% of the sites, we saved migration costs in Phase 2