Vamsi Kora

Chief Data Strategy Officer
Vamsi has an exceptional track record of enabling organizations to extract business value from data.

He is passionate about the transformative power of data in helping businesses evolve into more agile, innovative, and competitive organizations.

As Chief Data Strategy Officer, Vamsi is responsible for driving strategy and execution for Apexon’s data and information systems as well as shaping the analytical capabilities of its data services practice. He brings to the role 25+ years of experience harnessing enterprise data to accelerate digital transformation.

Vamsi specializes in helping customers transform into data-centric digital businesses through the application of advanced AI, analytics, and automation technologies. He has a proven track record of inspiring and leading high-performing teams which demonstrate a laser focus on deriving value from data as well as designing and managing highly complex data solutions.

Prior to Apexon, Vamsi was the CEO and founder of Gathi Analytics, a specialist data analytics consultancy. Under his leadership, Gathi’s unified data framework, tools, and expert consulting service enabled organizations to integrate, organize, and analyze their data quickly and efficiently to inform their decision making. Gathi was acquired by Apexon in 2021.

Vamsi held leadership positions at JP Morgan Chase and Nationwide Insurance, where he was responsible for multi-million-dollar operations in the BFSI sector.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering technology, applied mechanics and mathematics from Andhra University, India.

Vamsi was recently awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by EY (2022 East Central).