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A Blog Series: The Internet of Everything | The Connected Car

The Internet of Everything

The age of “The Internet of Everything” is upon us. We are quickly approaching a time where seamless integration will exist between all of your electronic devices, traditional such as your smart phones and tablets, and nontraditional, such as your home. This new age calls for information and analysis as well as automation and control.

In this blog miniseries, we will illustrate the impact and influence of “The Age of Everything” on the world and specifically Apexon Corporation.

 The Connected Car

The car has long been a faithful sidekick in the story of modern humans. Travelling from point A to point B was sufficient for years. Then came navigation systems, Bluetooth integration and digital dashboards. The natural progression of technology would be integration of an individual’s web and mobile presence into a paired car.

Vehicles are rapidly becoming a distinctive fourth environment for computing.   Forrester Research describes that car connectivity will support four forms of computing;

1. Vehicle-to-X-communications

2. Telematics

3. Infotainment/Content

4. Autonomous Operation

Early adopters of this technology will be able to establish a loyal client base. Chevrolet for example has created a unique “App Shop”, where drivers can customize their dashboard by selecting new apps for installation. Among these apps are Pandora, NPR and “MyLink” text messaging feature compatible with Android phones. Google joined a partnership with a variety of car manufacturers, including Hyundai, GM, Audi and Honda, ensuring serving as many users as possible.

Each form of computing comes with a unique set of demands and challenges from both an OEM and software developer standpoint. As the demand for such facilities increases, the need for companies that provide vehicular mobile applications will also rise. Naturally, enterprise level mobility lends itself as a convenient solution. From the standpoint of an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), this new opportunity provides for the application of a diverse set of solutions to service new requirements. Companies like Apexon can leverage this opportunity to employ solutions and services to both car manufacturers and application platforms alike.

Stay tuned next week for more on connected cars!


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