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Accelerating your Healthcare & Life Sciences Application Testing Cycles

Accelerating your Healthcare & Life Sciences Application Testing Cycles

Innovation and speed demanded in today’s “human-first digital experience” focused market has driven many organizations to adopt agile development. Life Sciences industry is undergoing a major change in terms of Digital transformation and increasing competitive pressure. With the adoption of Agile, the application development cycle time demands have reduced from months to weeks while still requiring Life Sciences organizations to meet regulatory compliance requirements like FDA 21 CFR Part 11. With all these challenges, it is imperative that software testing processes can deliver at the speed demanded by today’s digital business.

The Solution to Life Science industry challenges

Today, many Life Science organizations rely heavily on manual and document-based testing validation processes which are slow and unreliable. Adding to the complexity, are the multiple application development and testing tools which are applied across multiple systems. The result is an inefficient and difficult to maintain testing process which is both costly and error prone.

Apexon’s testing solutions address these challenges by delivering an end-to-end test automation platform. The first step is to ensure that you have complete traceability and auditability of the testing process. Then through automation, the solution enables greater speed and efficiency by providing feedback on the defects and business risks associated with a release candidate.

We ensure that electronic signatures are built in the test cases for approval before and after they are executed. These electronic signature norms comply with the FDA regulations and include a stage- wise web approval process. Our test automation solution leverages the Tricentis testing platform which is a model-based, AI-driven, end-to-end testing platform. Through model-based testing we eliminate the need for scripting thus allowing easy adoption.

Apexon brings full end-to-end services for testing automation.

Apexon’s Quality Engineering aims to improve the quality, delivery, and efficiency supporting your end-to-end testing automation journey. We have successfully delivered testing services for over twenty years. We bring together the 450+ testing professionals, fifteen years of Life Sciences experience, and the Tricentis platform to enable clients to deliver applications and enhancements at the speeds of Agile Development reducing time to market and compliance risk for your validated applications.

The results clients have experienced speak for themselves:

  • Reduce Compliance Risk: Risk-based testing aligns testing with business priorities to ensure critical business processes are always covered.
  • Accelerate Release Cycles by 80%: Leveraging model-based testing you can accelerate software delivery reducing testing cycles by 80%.
  • Automate and reduce costs by 60%: The Tricentis platform is AI-driven and codeless, eliminating error-prone manual testing to achieve high end-to-end test automation rates to reduce costs.
  • Comprehensive End-to-End Testing Solution

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Apexon is teaming up with Tricentis for an interactive Webinar session where we discuss ways of “Accelerating your Healthcare & Life Sciences Application Testing Cycles” which will help you understand ways of streamlining your validation testing processes.

Join us for the in-depth session on June 9th with some of the industry’s leading experts from both Apexon and Tricentis. Do not miss this exclusive Webinar session that delivers essential insights to accelerating your testing cycles.

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