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All Aboard the DevOps Express

All Aboard the DevOps Express

At Apexon, we hear from many of our enterprise clients that they want to fully embrace DevOps practices, but they don’t really know how to get started. Some are just looking to kick-start a process that they can later customize to fit their needs. In fact, for the most part, many of our client engagements spring from the need for guidance on how to build a fast track to DevOps adoption.

This is the same rationale behind an exciting new industry initiative that Apexon is pleased to support.

DevOps Express is a collaboration of leading industry organizations working together to help enterprise customers accelerate DevOps adoption through integrated solutions, support and best practices. Offering a solution-oriented approach, this new initiative aims to provide an interoperable framework for industry partners to deliver reference architectures and best practices. Through cooperation, these solutions can be better integrated and supported than any individual member company could deliver alone.

Building Momentum

Members of DevOps Express include vendors spanning multiple solution categories and technologies, as well as services organizations like Apexon  that provide consulting, training and professional services. The initiative is designed to ensure interoperability of a DevOps toolchain through verification of vendor integrations with Jenkins, with each other and, ultimately, with other tools.

The DevOps Express alliance is the first of its kind in the industry. Founding members include Atlassian, BlazeMeter, CA, Chef, CloudBees, GitHub, Apexon, JFrog, Puppet Labs, Sauce Labs, SOASTA, Sonarsource and Sonatype.

Working together, member companies will form a support alliance to facilitate diagnoses and resolutions when issues occur between the various alliance tools. And, of course, the effort will help enterprises resolve key issues that can become roadblocks to adoption; the kind of challenges that we see our clients face every day when trying to affect the changes in processes, culture and tools needed to fully embrace DevOps practices:

  • How to define a typical DevOps stack?
  • What’s a no-risk approach?
  • How and when to use automation?
  • What CI/CD tools are best suited to my use cases?

To find out more about DevOps Express, visit the alliance website. And be sure to visit the Apexon booth #K4 at Jenkins World in Santa Clara, Sept 13-15 – we look forward to welcoming you aboard the fast train to DevOps excellence.

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