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Ease of payments for eCommerce setup on Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Ease of payments for eCommerce setup on Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Your consumers are still struggling with the payments on your site due to a shortage of online payment methods?
And you being an eCommerce merchant think that it’s a painful process to add more online payment methods in eCommerce?
Well, the story is not entirely true!
What if we tell you that it’s as easy as One- Two- Three?
Still not convinced? Let’s try again.

Why have multiple online payment methods?

Here is the story of Mark, who owns an eCommerce site built with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Now one day, Mark is shopping on his own site and realizes while shopping,
“Wow, I can pay with one click on my iPhone, it did not even ask for the addresses and stuff, So Cool, So easy!”.
But then, a thought comes to his mind “I own an iPhone, what about customers that shop with Android devices?”
And curious with the thought, he reaches out to his technical team asking for answers. And here is what the technical team says.
“Oh, you need the same easy payment option on Android too? Let’s integrate Google Pay”
And in a week’s time, Mark’s site has an option for Google Pay available.
Customers with Android phones are now happy, as they can also pay for their orders in one click. And Mark? Well, he is happier than ever, because it’s a revenue boost now.

Add multiple payment methods easily with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Now you might be thinking, how in a week’s time?
That’s because of Salesforce Commerce Cloud which provides these easy integrations in the form of cartridges. So if your storefront already runs on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, let’s have a look at the journey of integration below.

  • Ask Salesforce Commerce Cloud to enable the payment method of your environment if it comes out of the box.
  • If it’s not out of the box, search for the Xchange Marketplace for the cartridge of that payment method.
  • Ask your developers to do the set of code changes mentioned for the payment method/integration of the cartridge for the payment method and payment gateway.
  • Do the necessary configurations.
  • Boom! A new payment method is available on your storefront. Ready to Go live with it.

    Speaking in terms of technicalities, there are two main reasons why the process of adding multiple online payment methods in Commerce takes less time and effort with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

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  1. Salesforce Commerce Cloud runs already on a “plug-and-play” basis with the help of cartridges.
  2. With the new architecture of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, i.e. SFRA, integration of any Cartridge takes less coding and development efforts.

What exactly happens at a developer’s end during this payment integration process:

  • Developer fetches the cartridge archive from Xchange Marketplace.
  • Then reads out the integration document that came along with this archive.
  • As a next step, the code changes are done according to the integration document.
  • For any credentials/purchases needed for the cartridge, merchants help the developer.
  • The developer then does the necessary configurations on his local sandbox using the test credentials.
  • Rounds of testing are done on testing environments for checking out the successful integration of the online payment method and payment gateway.
  • The code and data changes are then pushed to the production environment, where the test credentials are replaced with actual production credentials.
  • Another round of testing occurs here and Hurray! a new payment method integration is complete.

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We are sure you must have liked this idea of payment integrations.
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