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Elevating User Experience for The Father’s Table with Website Transformation

Elevating User Experience for The Father’s Table with Website Transformation


The Father’s Table, a privately owned nationwide dessert company, is known for their variety of cheesecakes. Today, they have expanded to provide a variety of sweet treats, food services and school lunch programs while using half of their profits to fund The Fathers Table Foundation, their non-profit organization.

“We always felt like Apexon’s number one priority. It really made a difference when we would ask questions and no one would hesitate to answer or even offer to talk to someone else. There was always a clear form of communication.”

~ Adrienne Harmon, Director of Marketing, The Father’s Table


Their current website design was not user-friendly, especially in regards to navigating to specific products and finding that product’s information. Additionally, Brokers, the largest audience segment to the site, were not able to locate the kind of information they required such as product images, nutritional and packaging information, etc. This led to the issue of Brokers relying on the marketing team at Father’s Table to help them directly with product information requests.

The manual process they used forced brokers to communicate every single one of their needs and wait for those materials to be delivered to them, meaning if there were any misunderstandings or new material needed, the process needed to be repeated.

On top of that, The Father’s Table did not provide any privacy policies or terms of use for this content on their website.


Apexon’s Digital Experience team created a taxonomy and site design to their products based on category types. The result was a clean and simple way for The Father’s Table site users to simply browse the site in a consistent way to find the specific product information that they need.

Also, a privacy policy, terms of use,  and testimonies sections are now part on the website. More importantly, our team added the addition of a sales portal, giving brokers the ability to sign in and download additional product information required for them on a daily basis. This reduces the time latency by replacing the manual gathering of content into a self-service portal that brokers could access whenever.

The portal Apexon created gives the Father’s Table sales team and the brokers the ability to access announcements and secure information, instead of just the daily requests, such as pictures, labels, and specs.  The portal also provides users (sales and brokers) an easier login process that does not require a VPN to access information. This freed up time and eliminated confusions in communication across all departments.


Apexon was able to transform the client’s website to contain all the data required by both the brokers and end users in one centralized location. This website transformation allows the content to be updated at any time using high resolution product images by the marketing department, removing the time-sensitive dependencies they had prior.

The sales login portal, with all the required information, will allow the brokers to effectively market the Father’s Table products in real-time with the proper tools.

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