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Five Key Benefits of setting up your eCommerce Store on a Commerce Cloud Platform

Five Key Benefits of setting up your eCommerce Store on a Commerce Cloud Platform

Globally, a large number of consumers have switched to online shopping for their day-to-day needs. Online shopping has surpassed brick & mortar retail for various reasons, convenience and security being the primary ones among them.

This shift in consumer shopping habits from in-store to online has created a massive opportunity for retailers to build their online presence and business to drive sales and growth. In this transition, e-commerce businesses have hugely benefitted from commerce cloud technology in many ways. Any businesses who aim to build or grow their e-commerce platform should pay careful attention to how cloud computing can save them both time and resources.

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What is commerce cloud?

The term “commerce cloud” refers to the method of deploying of a remote network of servers hosted on the cloud to use e-commerce application services, store and process data. Essentially, it is cloud-based e-commerce versus software installed on a local server aka on-premise.

Cloud e-commerce solutions provide a wide range of benefits over traditional on-premise setup. Over the last 5 years, commerce cloud has gained popularity due to reduced complexity and lower cost of maintenance. Nowadays, cloud e-commerce has become the most optimal solution model in the market.

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Let us look at the top 5 benefits of moving your eCommerce store on a commerce cloud platform

  1. Reliable pro protection
    When hosting your business in the cloud, you don’t need to worry about maintaining and monitoring your servers. Security and protection of your network, physical facilities, applications, including data encryption and customers’ personal data safety can be excluded from the list of your concerns. E-commerce cloud vendors take over all the risks. The cloud hosting providers complete a third-party certification, and robust security is a top priority for them. Besides, constant accessibility of your website and regular data backup ensures that your e-commerce store will be available without any data loss in case of an emergency.
  2. Cost-effective performance
    Cloud fits e-commerce solutions perfectly because you can pay for resources only when you need them. A cloud solution may save a company over 70% of the costs associated with building static environments scaled for traffic peaks – the hardware that may only be in use a few days a year. With cloud computing technology, you only pay for what you use.
  3. Speed
    As per industry research, 44% of online shoppers will abandon a webpage if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Additionally, 79% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with website performance are less likely to buy from the same site again.

    For any e-commerce business, those are sobering statistics! Thankfully, if your e-commerce site is hosted on a powerful cloud platform, then you’ll benefit from speeds that no on-site infrastructure could promise. A reliable e-commerce site will translate into positive sales for your business.

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  4. Easy accessibility from any place
    If your business operates in multiple countries, a cloud-based solution offers clear advantages considering the speed required to roll out and manage an e-commerce application. With the eCommerce cloud, you have a remote network of servers that responds dynamically to your demands to deliver content fast no matter where your customer is.
  5. Stability
    New ad campaigns or a new product launch mean one thing for your e-commerce site: traffic spikes. The power of cloud hosting provides superior stability for online retail. Prepare for those traffic spikes by hosting your IT infrastructure in state-of-the-art data center’s for peace of mind.

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How to choose the best commerce cloud platform?

Looking at the way technology is expanding its reach across geographies, it’s evident that cloud computing is gradually becoming indispensable for e-tail companies to attain their goals of scoring unprecedented growth and delivering a customized experience to their customers.

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