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Increasing Importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) To Improve Customer Experience (CX) In eCommerce

Increasing Importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) To Improve Customer Experience (CX) In eCommerce

Everyone is familiar with artificial intelligence (AI). Many eCommerce websites leverage the technology to offer their shoppers a more satisfying customer experience (CX). AI is gaining attention increasingly as it provides a variety of advantages at both ends. It has reached almost every other area, beginning from smart homes and e-learning to eCommerce.

We have observed AI’s influence across significant industry domains like web design, content marketing, etc. But the purpose of artificial intelligence in the eCommerce industry to improve CX is yet to be investigated.

We have machines assisting us in ways that are beyond imagination. The best part of executing AI is that they help speed up the chores in an automated manner. Machines have always assisted in accomplishing tasks that might be effort and time-intensive.

These days, we can see businesses and organizations implementing tech to take care of ordinary jobs, focusing on other tasks requiring human attention more than anything else.

Every business wants to create a scenario where companies can cater to their customers round-the-clock, making it beneficial from a sales perspective. This is where AI comes into the eCommerce picture. It will help businesses collect and investigate data in real-time, facilitating efficiency and gearing up their commercial competence.

Eventually, the aim is to offer customers a tailor-made experience that will provide them with the ease of utilizing everything based on their preferences.

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How can AI improve the customer experience (CX) of your business?

It is a verified truth that AI has offered a great deal of personalization and automation into our customer’s lives. There are various ideas through which it is transforming the overall customer experience (CX). Let us examine how utilizing AI in your business can result in a higher retention level among your customers.

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Automation in customer service

One of the essential things that AI has offered in customer service is reducing needless waiting time. Customers disliked it when they were expected to wait endlessly for the customer service delegates. Thanks to AI, you can now get an instant response to any query. The AI chatbot and the virtual assistants help serve the customers expeditiously and smartly. Many large businesses like Amazon and WALMART have claimed that the automated AI response method has led to a rise in satisfaction among all the customers. Presently there is no necessity of retaining an entire customer service team 24 X 7. It is established that even an individual using AI can manage thousands of customers concurrently.

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Personalization in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

You can now utilize AI to recommend products to shoppers based on their personal taste. Big businesses are training AI to analyze customers’ behaviour, assisting them with tailored products. This signifies that any food delivery business like Zomato and Swiggy can modify their interface based on their health stats, fitness plans, or daily consumption habits. It is one of the most significant intelligence uses that helps businesses know their customers personally. Customers recognize those companies that make real attempts to understand their demands and serve them, respectively. Organizations like IBM and Amazon are developing custom-made solutions like Azure and AWS that use advanced data analytics to support their buyers on every front. AI encourages enterprises to send customized messages, whether it is a feedback form, gift coupons, marketing messages, or any direct communication. An individualized touch is making customers content and satisfied within the upgraded ecosystem.

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Our lives are more comfortable with Artificial Intelligence (AI) based devices.

Currently, we get food delivery or the eCommerce product that we ordered within minutes at our doorstep. The arrival of AI-based smart home gadgets such as Alexa and Google Home has further made the consumers’ lives very easy. Now we can book our tickets, pay our bills, schedule our transfers, and manage our bank accounts, all with a quick voice command. Additionally, AI-powered self-driving vehicles are taking people wherever they want to go with the utmost safety. From healthcare to homecare, AI combined with robotics helps enterprises serve their customers better. To top it off, businesses nowadays invest in making their personalized home appliances to stay always awake with their customers.

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AI has improved security and tightened monitoring

There have been many considerations about the onset of AI, leading to the consumers’ loss of privacy. According to the evidence at hand, there may be particular concerns regarding data privacy, but its overall advantages surpass them every time. Thanks to AI-based cryptographic encryption methods, the communication and all the data between businesses and customers are safer than ever before. AI-based monitoring drones have made public life sound and secure. Hackers cannot crack the systems, thanks to the AI firewall network, which instantly signals undue intrusions. Nowadays, customers are putting a lot of confidence in online transactions because they know that an AI security algorithm secures their data. Consequentially, AI is playing an essential role in growing trust between businesses and customers holistically

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I hope this piece helps clear all the doubts regarding AI’s critical roles in customer experience. It is apparent that AI plays a crucial part in enhancing customer experience and mutual trust. If your customers are a bit apprehensive of the present model that your company offers, Apexon can help you discover the potential of introducing AI in your business with the end objective of achieving higher engagement, retention and conversions.

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