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Phusion Projects Gains New Insights Into Consumers Through a Modern Data Infrastructure

Phusion Projects Gains New Insights Into Consumers Through a Modern Data Infrastructure


Phusion Projects is a global alcoholic beverage company based in Chicago. The company specializes in creative beverages that aim to capture emerging consumer trends.

Founded in 2005, Phusion was growing rapidly and wanted to leverage additional resources to understand consumer behavior. The aim was to develop a data-driven approach towards marketing and product development to optimize its operations, strategically manage initiatives, and drive sales. Phusion partnered with Apexon to create a cloud data architecture equipped to tackle its market research goals.


Phusion gathered market data from its sales data and market research firms. However, the data was spread across different systems, meaning that analysts had to import data from each system and clean it before examining it for meaningful insights.

After meeting with Apexon, Phusion’s team understood that a consolidated cloud architecture would facilitate data management and allow the company to use powerful data science prediction tools. They tasked Apexon to build a state-of-the-art platform to set the stage for data-driven market research.


Apexon collaborated with the stakeholders in brainstorming sessions to identify pain points stemming from the systems they were using. This analysis allowed the team to focus on curated solutions to address these specific problem areas.

Apexon built a cloud data solution that (1) centralized Phusion’s data, (2) provided the company with new reporting tools, and (3) launched Phusion on its data-driven journey. We worked closely with Phusion to design a cost-effective, modern solution aligned with the company’s ambitions to understand and predict consumer behavior.

Altogether, our engineers:

  • Migrated the Phusion’s data to a cloud warehouse
    • Pipelines will continue to update the databases automatically.
    • Made Phusion’s data auditable, secure, and integrated to ensure transparency, traceability, and informativity.
  • Engineered the data for optimal analytics and reporting
    • Creating a report or updating a dashboard takes mere seconds.
    • Analysts can summarize the data without a hitch and use it to forecast future trends.
  • Enabled growth through an adaptable and scalable infrastructure
    • Data and analytics can scale seamlessly and cost-effectively alongside the company’s growth.
    • Our solution is transparent and easy to use, making it easy for Phusion to adopt it as its own tool and build upon it.


This project started as a six week engagement, which turned into an ongoing process where Apexon continues to bring in more valuable data that is added into this brand new end to end solution for Phusion Projects.

Our solution modernized Phusion’s data infrastructure and will form the cornerstone of Phusion’s future data and analytics operations. Our infrastructure quickly integrates relevant internal and third-party data to allow the company to generate actionable insights.

Apexon’s solution will help Phusion drive sales through intelligent and rapid reporting of consumer behavior. Eventually, predictive analytics will allow Phusion to develop a sophisticated understanding of the alcoholic beverages market that will help the company drive sales, invest in successful initiatives, and strategically embark on new projects.


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