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Infostretch Expands Digital Health Business

Infostretch launches new Healthcare Data Analytics Platform (HDAP) and grows customer base amid increased digital health demand

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – July 28, 2020 Infostretch has expanded its digital health business with the addition of five new customers intending to digitally disrupt the healthcare market, including Cala Health, J. Knipper, Willow and Navigating Cancer. The additional customers strengthen Infostretch’s already robust digital healthcare practice, with healthcare and related markets now accounting for over 50% of Infostretch’s client base. Infostretch works with one of the largest integrated managed care consortia in the United States and has been involved in major healthcare digital engineering initiatives including digital medicine, telehealth and wearable biosensors.

Infostretch has also launched Healthcare Data Analytics Platform (HDAP), a new data accelerator built on AWS for companies in the healthcare ecosystem to harness their data assets more effectively. Many healthcare companies suffer from complex, siloed systems which lack data standardization. Based on years of healthcare data experience, the new accelerator can ingest, mine and analyze data from any data source to deliver higher service levels, increased operational efficiency and improved financial performance.

Even before the onset of the global pandemic, the digital health sector was estimated to grow by USD 207.34 Billion during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of over 20% during that time. Now, under pressure to accelerate digital transformation projects, many more companies in the healthcare sector are looking at ways to leverage data and analytics to generate insights and improve health outcomes for patients, lower the cost of care and better serve patients remotely.

Some of the new companies relying upon Infostretch’s healthcare digital transformation expertise are:

Navigating Cancer, the developer of the most broadly deployed patient relationship management (PRM) platform in oncology. “Navigating Cancer’s goal is to create a better patient experience in oncology” said Michael Graff, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer at Navigating Cancer, Inc. “Infostretch worked with us to create the most widely adopted patient-centred platform for oncology, supporting over one million patients and thousands of cancer care providers to reduce costs, enable more effective remote care management and deliver a better patient experience and data-driven insights for oncology innovation.”

Cala Health, a bioelectronic medicine company transforming care for chronic diseases. Its wearable neuromodulation product, Cala Trio™, is the only non-invasive prescription therapy for essential tremor, with new therapies under development in the areas of neurology, cardiology and psychiatry. Infostretch is part of Cala’s journey in re-imagining the digital customer experience.

J. Knipper, is the largest supplier of end-to-end pharmaceutical samples management services in the U.S. The company provides pharmaceutical brands with everything from early stage pre-launch consultation to assistance with market retention strategies as their brand eventually reaches the late stages of its lifecycle. Infostretch is working with J. Knipper to perform testing and automation to accelerate quality and efficiency allowing them to help end customers improve accurate distribution of drug samples and data collection.

Willow, a Silicon Valley-based healthcare start-up and one of the top innovators in the growing Femtech segment has developed a technology-powered platform for products that help improve the lives of women. Willow partnered with Infostretch to build a Mobile App for their Gen 3 product line, announced at CES 2020, which further enhances the award-winning Willow® Wearable Breast Pump.

Infostretch is also working with a high-growth company that has re-imagined the pharmacy benefit management (PBM) platform for the digital age. Infostretch partnered with them to quickly respond to changing client needs, accelerate their product development and to modernize their business model. This brought the company closer to their customers, reduced operational inefficiencies and allowed them to be more responsive as a business.

“Infostretch has worked with start-ups and large corporations, from digital natives to traditional incumbents, and we have yet to meet a company that’s not facing disruption from digital,” commented Rutesh Shah, CEO and Founder of Infostretch. “In healthcare, there is ever more acute pressure on businesses to step up and accelerate digital transformation. Infostretch is increasingly the digital engineering partner businesses of choice for those that need to drive their digital capabilities forward at pace and solve some of the healthcare world’s most difficult technical problems.”

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