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Infostretch: Stretching its Testing Services Across Mobile Industry

Infostretch: Stretching its Testing Services Across Mobile Industry

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (October 20, 2010) Mobile today is one of the biggest and fastest growing markets, especially in India. The splurge of Smartphones and mobile applications has created a wealth of new opportunities for mobile devices, applications, content and websites. Thus in such a competitive market, there arises the need for QA services and solutions that give the ability to ramp-up quickly, with flexible engagement models and processes that have been proven. This was the opportunity that Rutesh Shah, CEO of Infostretch Solutions, a provider of services and solutions for Mobile Application Development and Testing, Quality Assurance Testing and Automation, SaaS solutions and ERP Testing solutions was quick to realize.

Quality and test engineering services have been central to Infostretch since its inception in 2004. It has worked with IT organizations and tested a wide variety of applications, enterprise software, financial software, SaaS offerings and ERP/CRM systems. The company provides mobile services and solutions to the complete range of mobile industries and businesses that leverage mobile for their customers — whether to reduce operation and testing costs, expedite application or device to market, or increase revenue by expanding into new markets. Its expertise, experience, flexibility and unique SLA-based approach ensures that devices, applications and content are available on any device, any network, anywhere in the world including T-Mobile.

These unique strengths in this space has helped Infostretch to win clients including application developers, content providers, manufacturers, carriers and businesses – from Fortune 100 firms to start-ups, banks and financial institutions, ISVs, game developers, retail, media and entertainment, mobile aggregators, and some of the largest mobile carriers in the world to customize solutions that are unique to their industries and business needs. “Infostretch’s Team continues to impress me with their passion and ability to exceed expectations. The team understands technology and its strengths which enables them to deliver excellent solutions,” says Aniket Tapre, CEO, Vividways. After seeing a success with Mobile services in U.S. market – Infostretch has realized the potential of similar service in growing markets of India.

Infostretch has widened the spectrum of its mobile testing services by striking key partnerships like Perfecto by Perforce and thus provided one stop testing solutions to its clients. Perfecto by Perforce Handset Cloud service enables you to access and control a multitude of real mobile devices, physically located around the world, via the Internet. Through the service’s web-based GUI, you can quickly and easily install your mobile application onto any handset you choose. Then, you simply use the phone in the same way a real-life user would – through its keys, touch-screen, or QWERTY keyboard – to verify that your application or service works properly and displays correctly on the phone. The Perfecto by Perforce service significantly reduces the complexity and cost of developing, deploying and maintaining mobile applications and content across devices, networks and geographies.

The company plans to continue to leverage its testing expertise and widen its geographical presence. It plans to expand its portfolio of services in Europe, Australia and India and will continue to focus on industries like Mobile Software Developers, Mobile Content Creators, Global arriers, OEMs, Gaming, VAS providers, AppStore Providers, Media & Entertainment, BFSI, Retail and Travel. Other plans include creating huge device labs in different geographies and will include new devices like Tablets, Gaming Machines, Embedded Systems and more.

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