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Personal Data Notice and Consent

Apexon Corporation (collectively with its affiliates, “Apexon”) wishes to obtain your consent to the collection, processing, use and storage of personal information about you in connection with your application for employment at Apexon.

This form is not intended to provide you any rights greater than that required by applicable law (including applicable exemptions).

Your Personal Data

In the process of your application for employment at Apexon, you will provide personal data to Apexon including without limitation your name, address, tax identification number, telephone number, prior employment, education, and training details. Your references may also provide similar information about you. If your application proceeds to hiring, you will provide additional information to Apexon, including without limitation your date of birth and information about family members you wish to cover under Apexon’s benefit plans. This information about you is collectively referred to as your “personal data.”

International Disclosure

Apexon is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, USA and has offices and branches globally which are connected via an information network. In addition, Apexon utilizes third party service providers around the world to collect, transmit, process, and store personal data. As a result, your personal data will be collected, transmitted, processed and stored both within and outside Apexon and within and outside your home country. Your personal data may be stored in countries with no laws to protect your personal data. To protect your personal data, Apexon enters into confidentiality agreements with its third-party service providers.

Use and Retention of Your Personal Data

Apexon collects, transmits, processes and stores your personal data to operate its business including administering your employment. Examples include without limitation, determining your salary and any bonus, determining your job title and job duties, managing your performance, and processing your stock, health, retirement and other benefits. In addition, your personal data may be provided to third-party service providers for personnel management, human resource analytics, and other business purposes. Your personal data will also be disclosed and processed in connection with applicable laws and regulations (including compulsory and voluntary disclosures in connection with lawsuits and government investigations), for accounting and book-keeping purposes, and generally for the management of Apexon’s business. Your personal data may also be disclosed, under protection of a confidentiality agreement, to third parties in the event that Apexon considers an acquisition or other business reorganization involving you.

Your personal data will be processed and retained for no longer than reasonably necessary, which is generally determined in accordance with applicable law and business necessity.

Your Sensitive Personal Data

In very limited circumstances Apexon may process or disclose sensitive personal data about you such as information relating to your health, race or ethnic origin, religious affiliation, whether or not you are a member of a trade union, information about your gender, current or previous allegations of or convictions for certain criminal offence to third parties. Generally, your sensitive personal data is processed by Apexon and disclosed to third parties only as required by applicable law (for example, equal employment opportunity and health and safety regulations), to administer your benefits, and for other necessary employment administration.

Who to Contact with Requests

You have the right to request:

  • to review your personal data;
  • to make duplications of your personal data;
  • to supplement or correct your personal data;
  • to discontinue collection, processing or use of your personal data; and
  • to delete your personal data.

Your requests do not always need to be granted. For example, Apexon has the right to collect, transmit, process and use your personal data for a reasonable period of time even if you request that it be deleted. All of your requests will be analyzed and administered in accordance with applicable law.

Please contact to make any request regarding your personal data.

Consequences of Withholding Consent

Because of the vital importance of collecting, transmitting, processing and storing your personal data as described in this form, it is not possible for Apexon to employ you if you do not consent to such collection, transmission, processing and storing of your personal data.

Your Consent

By using this website, you consent and authorize Apexon and any other third parties authorized by Apexon to collect, transmit, process and store, domestically and internationally, your personal and sensitive personal data.

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