Progressive Delivery Services

A path to faster cycle times with less user impact

progressive delivery
Apexon helps delivery teams leverage their Progressive Delivery services & strategy to develop and test new functionality with select groups of users before rolling them out more broadly.

progressive delivery challenges and solution
the challenge

The next phase of DevOps – beyond Continuous Integration, Delivery & Deployment

Nobody likes unscheduled downtime. And today with the increased dependence on automation to accelerate software delivery cycles, there is more risk than ever when we release new features to a broad set of users.

progressive delivery services & strategy
What we do

Progressive Delivery Leveraging the Latest Digital Technologies

Progressive Delivery solutions prevent downtime by limiting the distribution of new code and providing learning opportunities during the delivery process so you can incorporate it into your next delivery cycle. It provides early visibility of the health of a feature rollout so you can address any issues before there is broad impact.

With Apexon’s Progressive Delivery services and strategy, delivery teams can route new services to a specific subset of users before deploying them more broadly, reduce the risk of testing in production and experiment progressively until you reach your entire base, without degrading the user experience.

Our methodology

how we do it

Our Expertise

with the leading Digital Delivery tools & platforms

Apexon has extensive, hands-on experience with the leading progressive delivery tools on the market. We can help you take full advantage of these tools to optimize your delivery cycles.